Jim Kochi

Jim KochiJim Kochi
NQ Director
Jim has been involved in the industry since 1978 when he planted his first Fuerte and Rincon trees with his brother Ed on their property at Atherton. A little while later these trees were top-worked to Hass and now grows Shepard and Hass. Jim graduated from Queensland Agriculture College, Gatton with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Rural Technology). He then joined agrichemical company, Schering Pty Ltd, where he worked for 18 years as a technical officer and sales representative. His return north to the family farm created an opportunity to grow a different crop (of avocados) with better prospects than what had previously been farmed. Jim still grows and packs the family’s Tinaroo Falls Avocado Pty Ltd.I am passionate about tree crops – firstly, you’re not constantly ploughing and working the soil and secondly, they’re great to eat. I enjoy being able to work with other growers who are forward-thinking and positive about the future – they’re a remarkable bunch of people who are so positive and proactive. As an industry, avocados have so much potential as they are so versatile. Avocados have been carried on this wave of growth that’s happened around Australia and is now happening around the world. Our challenge in Australia now and in the future is to build demand for avocados to absorb the crop that’s coming in the future.
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Postal Address: Atherton QLD
Mobile: 0422 133 890
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