Jim Randell

Jim RandellJim Randell
CQ Director
Jim is an avocado and lychee farmer based in Childers. His agricultural background comes from a fifth-generation family growing sugar cane, the farm is still operating south of Mackay. Prior to his retirement three years ago Jim had a forty-year career in the resource industry which involved the leadership, technical and international marketing side of the business. He has had experience in marketing to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India and Pakistan. Jim was attracted to avocados as he likes the fact that the fruit does not ripen on the tree and demand attention at a specific time. “The ability to have flexibility in harvest timing is a great attraction for me.” During his career in the resource industry he served on many boards both in Australia and the USA. This experience was with both in public and non–listed enterprises.  Jim is a Graduate Member of Company Directors (AICD). He also has a Bachelor in Applied Science in Industrial Chemistry. “My technical experience will assist in dealing with the R&D issues important to advancing our industry.”
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Postal Address: Childers QLD
Mobile: 0417 603 928
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