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SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems offers our customers an innovative irrigation and nutrient management platform, designed to assist irrigators in managing their water, nutrients, and crop health. Tailored to an exact geography and irrigation context, SWAN’s technology transforms historic, current and predictive data from multiples sources into actionable insights. SWAN ingests data from an irrigation operation, analyses it, and then provides daily management insights. Data is collected from equipment including flow meters, weather stations, soil moisture probes, water test results and satellites. It is then analysed using algorithms that have been refined in the field. SWAN has the power to schedule irrigation seven days out, manage nutrient applications, monitor crop health, and create water and nutrient budgets.


Name: Ivor Gaylard
Position: COO
Phone: +61 8 6323 2206


55 Cheriton Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Services / Products

  • Daily satellite imagery
  • Data hub
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Irrigation tech optimisation
  • Nutrient scheduling
  • Water budgeting


  • Irrigation
  • Soil and water technology


  • Central NSW
  • Central Qld
  • National
  • North Qld
  • South Qld
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Tamborine/Northern Rivers
  • Tristate (VIC/SA/NSW/TAS)
  • Western Australia

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