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Orchard-Rite’s headquarters are in the heart of Ag country in Yakima, WA in the US. Being surrounded by farms, orchard and vineyards puts us close to the issues that can affect crop health and harvest. At our 104,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly plant, we set the standards for producing the highest quality, most innovative and cost effective frost protection wind machines on the market. Orchard-Rite frost fans are known for quality and reliability and their frost fans have now eclipsed sales of over 37,000 machines worldwide! Our products are built by employees who take pride in their work. They are honored to be trusted with the crops that support your families and ensure your future. We take pride in the details, because that’s what makes the difference between a good and a great harvest season. At Orchard-Rite, we put innovation and craftsmanship to work for you.


Name: Heidi Burmeister
Position: Marketing Director
Phone: +1 509 248 8785
Mobile: +1 509 907 5163


1619 West Ahtanum Road
Union Gap WA 98903
United States of America

Services / Products

  • 1300 Portable Frost Fan
  • 2430 Three-blade Frost Fan
  • 2600 Two-blade Frost Fan
  • ORCell Remote Management System


  • Farm supplies
  • Machinery


  • Central NSW
  • Central Qld
  • National
  • North Qld
  • South Qld
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Tamborine/Northern Rivers
  • Tristate (VIC/SA/NSW/TAS)
  • Western Australia

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