Monitoring avocado quality: Avocado Update webinar

Monitoring is one of the key tools helping the Australian avocado industry meet its target of supplying top-quality fruit to consumers.

Noel Ainsworth (QDAF) will provide valuable insights into fruit quality and supply chain temperatures from grower to ripening/wholesale after sampling five regions for a two year period for project AV18000. From this, Noel will explore reasons for poor quality and the recommended best practice to prevent and manage identified issues.

Adam Goldwater (AHR) will follow on with an update on the retail performance of avocados after sampling carried out in metropolitan stores during the last 12 months as part of project AV19003. Here, attendees will be provided valuable insights into how quality is tracking at retail and explore trends by retail market city, retail display formats and further quality attributes such as age, ripeness and internal defect levels.

This webinar is a not to be missed event for wholesalers, ripeners and consolidators in the avocado industry!

Details & how to register

Date: Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Time: 8am-9am (Western Australia), 9:30am-10:30am (South Australia & Northern Territory) 10am-11am (AEST)
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10 May 2021
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What we’ll cover

The industry has a goal of ensuring that 90% of the avocados purchased by our consumers meet their quality expectations, to encourage repeat purchases. Monitoring is vital to help industry encourage increasing domestic consumption and export demand.

From the perspective of quality through the supply chain, Noel Ainsworth will provide an update on fruit quality by district, temperatures through the supply chain by district and emerging reasons for poor quality.

Adam Goldwater will then present results from fruit quality monitoring at retail, examining avocado quality by:

  • district
  • country of origin
  • type of flesh defect
  • retail market city
  • retail display format
  • stage of ripeness on display, and
  • fruit age at retail.

The presentation will conclude by examining fruit quality by district comparing the results from the supply chain and retail monitoring projects. It will focus on the common trends across districts and what are some of the possible reasons for differences.

This webinar will be recorded and available via the BPR Library.


Noel Ainsworth is the Principal Supply Chain Horticulturist with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Noel’s career has involved a number of management, extension, research, and consulting roles in non-government and government entities. These have been across the disciplines of natural resource management, agriculture and the environment. Through this he has built extensive experience and networks in a range of rural industries ranging from tree crops, to vegetables, wine and hydroponics. To back this experience, Noel has formal training in the social sciences, management and plant physiology. Among Noel’s current projects is Implementing best practice of avocado fruit management and handling practices from farm to ripening (AV18000).


Adam Goldwater is a horticultural researcher at Applied Horticultural Research, with a commercial background in the fresh produce industry, including as an avocado ripener. He is project leader of Monitoring avocado quality at retail (AV19003) which commenced assessments of avocado quality at retail in May 2020. Adam’s key objective in that project is to provide rapid quality feedback to suppliers and retailers to help them regularly identify opportunities for quality improvement. De-identified data is also used to help monitor industry performance as a whole. Click here to check out the latest retail monitoring reports in the BPR.



10:00 am Start (Arrive 9:45 am) to 11:00 am, 12/05/2021 (Date Past)


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