Avocados Australia Media Releases

Avocado experts are coming to Childers11/07/2024
Riverking – a leading Chinese avocado importer to...24/06/2024
Aussie avos enter Indian market with Brett Lee as ...09/05/2024
Avocado experts are coming to Wauchope28/03/2024
Australian avocado exporting is set to get FASTA12/12/2023
GVP for Aussie avos has bounced back to 2020-21 le...05/12/2023
China market access for Aussie avos is closer with...14/11/2023
Aussie Hass avo protocol approved by India!07/11/2023
WA avo growers welcome access to Thailand18/09/2023
ALDI to stock 100% Aussie avos this season!13/09/2023
10 Trial Avocado Shipments to India successfully r...21/07/2023
Avocados Australia’s Regional Forum to Boost Avo...21/07/2023
Avocados Australia welcomes Thailand market access25/05/2023
Media Statement - Current price of avocados13/04/2023
Market access for Hass avos to India a “game cha...13/03/2023
Shepard avocados to be showcased in Hong Kong21/02/2023
2022 – the year of the AVOCADO!29/11/2022
Australian Avocado industry to increase exports to...28/10/2022
You can now enjoy more avocado!30/08/2022
Little Hideout Café wins Australia’s Best Avo Toast...26/07/2022
A shortage of some fresh produce? Buy Avos!22/06/2022
AAL announces Australia’s Best Avo Toast Competi...01/06/2022
Avo experts are coming together for “Avo Connect...23/05/2022
Media Statement - Low grade fruit dumping in NQ12/05/2022
Boosting Avo Exports main topic at Manjimup Forum04/05/2022
Aussies want to buy Aussie avocados07/12/2021
The Avolanche is here05/10/2021
Seven's favourite ad of Tokyo 2020 revealed13/08/2021
Avocados offer awesome value in 202111/06/2021
Australians smashing more avo than ever06/12/2019
The rise and rise of Australian avocado production05/12/2018
Australian avocados impress in Malaysia and Singap...31/07/2018
25-year anniversary of the smashed avo26/07/2018
North Queensland avocado workshop - event date cla...14/09/2017
Australians are eating more avocados than ever21/08/2017
Backpacker tax needs to be resolved urgently FFS -...01/12/2016
Aussies encouraged to buy abundant local avocados12/09/2016
Australians can boast highest industry standards for...15/08/2016
Mexican Avocado Industry vs Australian 15/08/2016
Australian avocados booming trade will continue into...09/08/2016
Australian avocados’ booming trade will continue...09/08/2016
Avocado grower levy to manage biosecurity13/04/2016
Shepard avocados are set to hit the shelves02/03/2016
Shepard Avocados set to hit the shelves02/03/2016
Avocado growers have not altered their harvest to create...28/01/2016
Growers have not manipulated the market 27/01/2016
New Research An Avocado A Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol...17/03/2015
Record avocado sales show...26/11/2014
Value of Avocado Levy in Question26/09/2014
How to get the best value from Avocados20/12/2013
Australia's avocado industry leaders are coming to...03/09/2013
Size Does Matter01/08/2013
Quality of Australian avocados is improving in-sto...17/07/2013
Australian avocado Best Practice Resource now onli...19/04/2013
Purple or Green they are in store now06/03/2013
Avocado industry exports record tonnage in 201214/02/2013
Avocado exports reach new heights despite the doll...10/09/2012
Alvin Avocado teaches primary school kids about Australian...13/06/2012
Australian Avocados take a fresh approach to men’s...12/06/2012
Avocados appoint new CEO06/04/2012
Add an Avo Every Day - Australian avocados have long...09/03/2012
International Avocado Research Consortium Key to F...09/03/2012
Antony Allen Resigns as CEO10/02/2012
Australian avocados appoint new creative agency05/12/2011
Australian Avocado Industry Working Towards Putting...25/10/2011
Consumers Should Win with Avocado Prices Dropping13/10/2011
VII World Avocado Congress a rich harvest12/10/2011
Avocado biosecurity plan launches at the VII World...07/09/2011
VII World Avocado Congress begins in Cairns06/09/2011
Avocados Australia and the world’s best avocado marketers...11/08/2011
Kids Go Crazy for Aussie Avocados07/06/2011
Up-and-coming chefs get a lesson in Australian Avo...02/06/2011
Babies Love Aussie Avos17/05/2011
Eating my colourful vegies and fruit launches into...12/05/2011
WA Avocado Growers Meet in Pemberton14/03/2011
Australian avocados in season and in a store near ...07/03/2011
VII World Avocado Congress planning full steam ahe...02/03/2011
Avocados ‘Spotted’ on Shelf23/02/2011
A Sustainable Australian Avocado Industry21/02/2011
Avocado Industry Green by Nature14/02/2011
Australian Avocados Are Down But Not Out!03/02/2011
A New Market for Small Avocados22/11/2010
Babies Love Aussie Avos22/11/2010
Australian Avos in Your Burger and on Your Pizza21/09/2010
Avocados Australia Kicks Off Membership Drive26/07/2010
VII World Avocado Congress Hits the Web26/07/2010
Avocados Beat Meat Pies at the Footy19/07/2010
Future Leaders of the Food Industry Get a Lesson in...05/07/2010
Australian Avocados Everyday for a Healthy Life29/06/2010
Improving Avocado Quality With a Little Help from Alvin...21/06/2010
How much for an avocado14/06/2010
What Kids Love About Avocados17/05/2010
Avocado Industry Working to Set Future Direction11/05/2010
Avocados Australia Welcomes New Chairman18/01/2010
Avocado growers meet to advance their industry in Cairns...02/06/2009
Avocado grower wins Australian Rural Womens Award02/06/2008
Supermarkets apply 590 mark up on avocados at reta...12/05/2008
Avocado grower wins Queensland Rural Womens Award21/02/2008
Avocado industry researchers receive Australia Day...26/01/2008
Avocado consumers begin to see where the profits g...29/08/2007
Supermarkets apply 590 mark up on avocados at reta...27/08/2007
Field Days to help avocado growers work smarter10/07/2007
Avocado consumers know best just ask them15/05/2007
Avocados great value fresh and healthy01/05/2007
Horticulture Code - Adjustment Needed04/04/2007
New Zealand’s Changed Avocado Scab Status05/03/2007
Step by Step Towards Science Based Protection for Australian...11/12/2006
Disease Threatens Australian Avocado Industry23/11/2006
Avocado Growers Welcome Mandatory Horticulture Code...19/09/2006
Avocados growers agree market should drive industry...20/06/2006
Avocado growers will need a helping hand to rebuil...24/03/2006
Avocados growers wiped out by Cyclone Larry20/03/2006
New Advertising Agency for Australian Avocados30/01/2006