International Avocado News

Colombian avo exporter to export 1.3M tons to EU &...Fresh Plaza09/03/2023
Peru now leading supplier of avocados in the EUFreshfruitportal02/03/2023
South African avocado export crop to increaseFruitnetcom25/02/2023
Avo producers in Colombia aim to increase exportsFresh Plaza23/02/2023
Global demand for agri robots boosts researchFresh Plaza23/02/2023
California avo volume ramping up in MarchFreshfruitportal22/02/2023
Spain - "Avos currently worth up to 3.50 Euro" Fresh Plaza22/02/2023
Autonomous drones designed to harvest fruitFresh Plaza17/02/2023
Zimbabwe avo exports reached 8,180 tonnesFresh Plaza17/02/2023
Mexican avo exports to U.S. now worth $3BFreshfruitportal15/02/2023
NZ - Many production areas went under waterFresh Plaza15/02/2023
Peruvian avo industry forecasts 13% rise in export...Freshfruitportal14/02/2023
Second season for Tanzanian avos coming upFresh Plaza14/02/2023
World Avo Congress speaker: ‘the golden age is o...FreshPlaza13/02/2023
Complaint takes aim at Mexican avo productionmsncom08/02/2023
Avocados boost income for Chinese farmersFresh Plaza07/02/2023
Peru & Hong Kong begin negotiations for signing FT...Fresh Plaza07/02/2023
Rains leave favorable prospects for California avo...Freshfruitportal07/02/2023
Peru - Fresh produce sector calls for peaceFresh Plaza06/02/2023
Global avo oil market to reach US$10B in 2027Freshfruitportal03/02/2023
Mission Produce to open UK distribution centreFreshfruitportal02/02/2023
California avocado season forecast announcedFreshfruitportal31/01/2023
Mexico continues to be world’s top avo exporterFreshfruitportal31/01/2023
Mexico still world’s top avocado exporterFreshfruitportal31/01/2023
Japanese fruit imports dropFruitnet.com30/01/2023