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Avocados Australia Guacamole 3 April 2020
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

COVID-19 and avocados

The situation with COVID-19 continues to move fast, for everyone, including the avocado industry. Here are a few key points since our last Guacamole:

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Keep up to date

We are keeping the Australian News and the International News sections on our website updated as items come to hand. For the wider industry, we will also email important information directly, as needed, and we have compiled a (growing) list of national resources and information (click here). This page provides links to health resources (including workplace posters, and workplace advice from the Department of Health, coronavirus and workplace laws, details of available financial and other assistance at a national level and more. Avocados Australia will be updating this page as information comes to hand. Please check the currency of the information and consider your state-based requirements as well. For members, we have a daily blog in the Member Area (log-in needed) and links to state-based resources and information (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia).

Avocados Australia Chair Jim Kochi

Farmers encourage avocado consumption

Australia's avocado growers are urging brunch lovers to keep up their smashed avo habit at home after a drop in the market set off by the coronavirus shutdown of cafes and restaurants. Far North Queensland grower and Avocados Australia chairman Jim Kochi said the drop in prices had left growers “very apprehensive. Avocado growers are [feeling] the same as everyone at the moment.”


Fresh produce safe to eat

A coalition of Australian groups, including the CSIRO and Hort Innovation, has been in the media this week reassuring consumers that fresh produce is safe to eat. There is a lot of different information circling with regard to COVID-19 and its transmission. However, it’s really important to know that food, including non-packaged fresh fruit and vegetables, is not shown to transmit the virus.

Central NSW likely to go online

CNSW Regional Forum going online: 29 April

The Central New South Wales Regional Forum has been rescheduled for 29 April, and will have an exciting new online format. More details will be released soon. Please RSVP as per normal to Amanda (, and we’ll let you know the details as soon as possible.

Australian Avocados

Encouraging avos at home

Driving demand remains the top priority for the levy-funded marketing program during these uncertain times through encouraging consumers to #smashanavoathome. Australian Avocados will continue to be a supportive, positive influence for all home cooks through all communication channels. The key messaging from the current campaign, including avocados making meals better and avocado’s health credentials, position the industry well in these uncertain times.

Regional Forums
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New Regional Forum & Congress summaries

The team from the industry’s current extension project have uploaded meeting minutes from the Western Australian and Sunshine Coast regional forums, added the various presentations from the AvoSkills events and added a summary of presentations from the World Avocado Congress! You can find all of these and more in the Event Proceedings section of the BPR Library

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource.

Avocados Australia administers ANVAS so growers have access to healthy avocado trees
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Get more Australian industry news

Industry ramps up pressure for visa extensions. 1/4/2020.

There are growing calls for the federal government to extend work visas so fruit and vegetable crops can be harvested, and future plantings planned. Read more in Good Fruit & Vegetables.

CQ: Paradise Dam report released. 30/3/20.

A report released by the Queensland Government regarding Paradise Dam has created certainty for the safety of the local community but not for future agricultural expansion and diversification in a changing climate, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation says. Read more from QFF.

New Market Development Manager for Avocados Australia. 30/3/20.

I n a move to proactively increase domestic demand, peak industry body Avocados Australia has appointed Hayleigh Dawson as its new market development manager. Read more in Produce Plus.

Horticulture Statistics Handbook released. 30/3/20.

The latest edition of the Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook is now live and boasts an exciting new interactive dashboard with improved search functionality and user preferences. The Handbook features data on more than 70 horticultural products including fruit, nuts, vegetables, nursery, turf and cut flowers. Read more at Hort Innovation.

Bureau of Met says “business as usual”. 23/3/20.

The Bureau of Meteorology says its two priorities are continuing to provide Australia with timely forecasts, warnings and other important services, and the ongoing health and wellbeing of staff. At this stage, the Bureau is providing all products and services as normal. Should BOM start to see impacts on its workforce from COVID-19 or from measures the Australian Government and state and territory governments put in place, it will focus on delivering the most critical services.

New weather radar in Victoria. 30/3/20.

A radar gap between Mildura and Mount Gambier has been plugged, with a new Bureau of Meteorology radar installed at Rainbow in Western Victoria. Read more on ABC Wimmera.

New integrated pest management project needs feedback

Researchers from a new Hort Innovation Avocado Fund project, the Review and extension of avocado pests and their management (AV19001) need to hear from you to help assess the current approaches being used for managing insects and mites. This information will be used to identify areas in need of further research and extension investment and areas which don’t. Click here to take the survey.

Click here for a round up of international avocado news

China opens doors to Philippine avocados. 1/4/20.

Philippine avocados officially have access to China after the first 7.6 tonne shipment arrived in Shanghai on 31 March. Read more in Asiafruit.

COVID-19 impacts on South African industry. 30/3/20.

As volumes of avocados on the market increase with the South African harvest getting underway, demand in Europe and South Africa has been somewhat suppressed. Read more in Farmer’s Weekly.

Uncertainty for Kenya growers. 30/3/20.

The drop in airfreight availability is expected to hit Kenya’s small horticultural producers hard. Read more in Eurofruit.

Mexico dominates Canadian market. 30/3/20.

In 2019, Mexican exports to Canada broke records and accounted for the vast majority of dollar value of imports. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Your round up of export news that matters

Register your airfreight interest

This week, the Australian Government announced support for air freight to the key markets of China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UAE from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Read the release and click here for the factsheet. Avocado industry exporters keen to reach these markets should visit the webpage (click here) to register their interest, as this is key to determining final routes and timing.

$110 million export initiative

A new $110 million initiative will back Australia’s agricultural and fisheries sector by helping them export their high-quality produce into key overseas markets, with return flights bringing back vital medical supplies, medicines and equipment. Read more.

Japanese market update

In preparation for the next export season for Japan, Avocados Australia has started a list of accredited packhouses on its website. This list sits on a page providing specific seasonal and access information for Japanese exporters. You can see it by clicking here. This page is part of the Global section on our website, providing resources for the industry’s international customers. If you are an accredited packhouse and would like to be included, email

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29 Apr – GOING ONLINE - Avocado Regional Forum, CNSW (new date!)

6 May – POSTPONED Avocado Regional Forum, Tristate

12 May – Avocado Marketing SIAP meeting, Brisbane Q

13 May – Avocado R&D SIAP meeting, Brisbane Q

21-24 Jun – POSTPONED Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Gold Coast Q

24 Jul – FNQ Growers R&D Field Day, Mareeba Q

15 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, SINGAPORE

16-18 Spt – Asia Fruit Logistica, SINGAPORE



7-9 Jun – Hort Connections, Brisbane Q

Horticulture Innovation Australia
Guacamole has been funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.