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Avocados Australia Guacamole 4 September 2020
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COVID-19: what’s new

Here's the latest COVID-19 news from this week.

  • Changes to the NSW/Victoria border restrictions relevant for the ag sector come into place today. Click here for the DPI NSW summary (and all the handy links)
  • There’s a new template now available for those bringing individual specialist sector workers into South Australia. You can find the COVID-19 Essential Traveller Workplace Risk Mitigation Plan by clicking here.
  • Queensland has released (and collated existing) resources that may be generally useful, for communicating with multicultural communities. Click here for resources in more than 40 languages.
  • Queensland also tightened restrictions in a number of its local government areas as of 31 August. Read more.
  • Tasmania’s border restrictions will remain in place until at least 1 December, Western Australia’s Phase 4 has been extended to 23 October (the hard border is unlikely to change until Phase 6).
  • Looking to bring skilled people from overseas? The list of travel exemptions (including for ag) can be found at the Department of Home Affairs.
  • You can find the latest consumer impact monitoring reports from Hort Innovation here.
Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas

First Chilean avocados arrive in Australia

Well, as Avocados Australia accepted as a possibility in several media interviews last week, it seems the first Chilean avocados have landed on our shores. Avocados Australia understands an importer has landed its first shipment of Chilean avocados in Queensland this week. CEO John Tyas says the imported fruit will still need to be of high-quality and in good condition for it to be attractive to Australian consumers.

Australian Avocados

Retail avocado promotion

The Australian Avocados brand has recently featured in Woolworths stores to encourage shoppers to place more avocados in their baskets more often. As part of the campaign, Woolworths featured Hass avocados across front of store bollards, basket liners, recipe cards featuring Australian Avocado’s grilled chicken avocado rice bowl recipe, and digital screens. The campaign celebrated Hass avocados, provided inspiration across meal occasions and educated consumers on the features and benefits of Hass avocados.

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Ever wondered "what if"?

Making management changes in your orchard will impact your yield, fruit size and quality at harvest, but what if you looked at it the other way around? What if you looked at how yield, fruit size/quality and packouts could change your profit results and make adjustments to your orchard management to make this a reality? The new “What if?” spreadsheet created by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for the Australian avocado industry looks at the differences in profit if fruit size and quality grades are changed. Click here to download this handy new tool.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource.

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Large scale seasonal worker trial starts. 3/9/2020.

More than 160 workers from Vanuatu have arrived in the Northern Territory, to start their two week quarantine before starting work on the local mango harvest. It is hoped a similar approach to bringing in seasonal workers from Vanuatu and Timor Leste can be applied nationally. Read more in the NT Farmers newsletter or here from the ABC.

ACCC starts perishable product inquiry. 3/9/2020.

The ACCC has started a new three-month inquiry into bargaining power in supply chains for perishable agricultural products across Australia. The inquiry will take a broad look at trading practices throughout supply chains, including the relationships between farmers, processors and retailers. Submissions are open until 18 September. Read more here.

ACCC says supermarket COVID-19 cooperation can continue. 3/9/2020.

The consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has approved Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, Metcash and other grocery companies to coordinate with each other as they work with manufacturers, suppliers, transport and logistics providers. It granted an extended authorisation until 31 March next year. Read more in insideFMCG.

Avocado an excellent first food for baby. 3/9/2020.

Perhaps Channel 9 personality Karl Stefanovic and wife Jasmine Yarbrough checked out the guides for health professionals on the Australian Avocados website, because their baby’s first solid food was avocado. Read more in the Daily Mail.

New Comboyne Avocado brand in market. 2/9/2020.

A northern New South Wales avocado grower is recording exceptional premium pack-out rates in the first few weeks of picking. Comboyne Avocados’ Kevin Debreceny says overall volumes are reasonable, and the company has this season diversified by offering its own avocado brand. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Australia in a recession. 2/9/2020.

Household consumption expenditure fell 12.1%, including a 17.6% drop in services expenditure, with falls in transport services, operation of vehicles and hotels along with cafes and restaurants. Read more from SBS.

NSW: an additional 21 areas are now in bushfire season. 31/8/2020.

The NSW Rural Fire Service says 27 local government areas started their bushfire season on 1 September, after 21 areas were added to the list early. Find the list here.

Research and training ops closing soon

Applications for the Australian Government’s 2021 Science and Innovation Awards for Young people close on 2 October (grants of up to $22,000), read more. Expressions of interest for the Women’s Leadership Development scholarships (up to $10,941) have been extended to 9 October, read more. And the Nuffield Scholarship 2021 intake applications ($30,000 bursary) close on 11 September, read more.

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Avocados from Mexico’s win a house comp. 2/9/2020.

The grand prize in the “Guac the House” shopper competition is a new home worth US$500,000, and other prizes include renovations, entertainment packages and appliances. Read more in Asiafruit.

Peru aiming for Taiwan market. 2/9/2020.

Peru is confident of soon having access to the Taiwan market for fresh Hass avocado. COVID-19 has, however, delayed negotiations as technical visits and face-to-face meetings have been postponed. Peru’s ag ministry is also working on access to Vietnam, the Philippines and New Zealand. Read more in FreshPlaza. Meanwhile, Eurofruit reports the pandemic hit Peru’s fruit export.

Trucker strike threatens Chilean exports. 1/9/2020.

Chilean fruit producers and exporters have voiced their concerns over a strike by the country’s truck drivers, who are calling for better security following a spate of attacks. Read more in Americafruit and the latest in FreshPlaza.

Your round up of export news that matters

Airfreight capacity vital for horticultural exports

Export airfreight capacity for the Australian horticulture sector has undergone severe disruption under the spread of COVID-19. A recent report from Hort Innovation projects up to 83,000t (including avocados) will be looking for a way to reach markets overseas. Read more.

Record Australian avocado exports

There was a 26.8% increase in avocado exports in 2019/20, despite the impact of COVID-19 at the start of 2020, according to the latest Australian avocado exports and imports report. Click here for the latest report. If you want to see previous editions, these are in the BPR Library.

Japan’s fresh fruit imports stable. 31/8/2020.

The total volume of fresh fruit imported for July 2020 was slightly more than previous year, led by bananas and avocados. Read more from Asiafruit.

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