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Jen Scoular, NZ Avocados at WAC

New Zealand secures WAC 2023

The New Zealand avocado industry will host the 2023 World Avocado Congress, after a vote at this year’s event in Colombia. New Zealand received 64% of the votes while Mexico fetched 32% and Kenya got 4%. A record 3,200 people attended the 2019 event in Medellin.

World Avocado Congress, Colombia 2019

International industry works to grow demand

During the World Avocado Congress in Colombia last week, the global industry heard that supply, not demand, would be an issue into the future. Mexico, California and Peru are willing to work together to grow consumption. Members of the Australian avocado industry took part in an industry-organised visit to California’s growing regions in the lead up to the World Avocado Congress (photographs here). At the Congress in Colombia (photographs here), attendees attended sessions on marketing, shelf-life, and orchard practices.

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Avotherapy weekend in Sydney

Australia’s first avocado wellness event will be held in Sydney next weekend (12-13 October). Avotherapy is a celebration of the mood-boosting health benefits of avocado, organised by Australian Avocados. It will be popping up in Surry Hills at Paramount Recreation Club with two full days of wellness workshops and activities, including fitness classes, avocado facials, and Good Mood Food workshops. Read more in Get Sydney. This marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

Avocados on tree

Comboyne hail has lasting impact

Around three-quarters of an hour of hail devastation on the Comboyne Plateau, New South Wales in late September has resulted in workers being laid off and trees pockmarked and stripped of leaves and flowers.

Avocados on a tree

Do you receive the Avo Alerts?

Avo Alerts are a monthly summary of growing activities for the different avocado growing regions of Australia. Compiled by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, this information provides a good guide for the best practice management that should be occurring in your orchard. If you don’t receive the Avo Alerts and want to, send an email with Subject Line: Avo Alerts to Amanda Madden at admin2@avocado.org.au with your name, phone number and email address. It is as easy as that to get some agronomic reminders for your orchard.

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What's new in the Best Practice Resource?
Best Practice Resource

Indian market potential: market study report

The Indian market shows great potential for the Australian avocado industry. CEO John Tyas recently participated in a market tour of the country, finding familiarity with the fruit, as well as interest. India is a market that has been identified as a high priority within the Avocado Export Strategy – 2019-2021. Australia does not yet have market access for fresh avocados to India, but Avocados Australia is in discussions with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture to progress our application. A full report from the study tour (and the export strategy) is available under the Exports heading in the BPR Library.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/. 

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Permanent horticulture access to drought assistance. 4/10/19.

Horticultural farmers with permanent plantings in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT can now access the On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate. Growers in drought affected areas can claim 25% of expenses, up to $25,000 on eligible projects started after 30 June 2019. Read more.

Horticulture is Australia’s fastest growing ag sector. 3/10/19.

Recently, horticulture took the number one growth spot in agriculture with a 40% rise in production value over the five years to 2017/18, according to Hort Innovation. Read more.

PMA-NZ appoints new Head of Food Safety. 30/9/19.

Deon Mahoney has been appointed to the role, replacing Richard Bennett. Deon has 30 years’ global experience, previously working with the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Read more from PMA-NZ.

Spotting bugs spotted by consumers. 26/9/19.

Yahoo News reached out to Avocados Australia last week for an explanation of little “stones” seen by a shopper. We reassured them the spotting bug bites in no way affected the edibility of the fruit. View the story on Yahoo News.

Avocados part of digital future. 26/9/19.

An Australian creator of digital identities for food producers says 60% of all Australian avocado exports now use the company’s technology, allowing consumers to trace the fruit all the way back to the farm. Read more in CIO.

New Brisbane packing facility opens. 20/9/19.

Montague, an Australian fresh produce company, has officially opened a produce and packing facility at the Brisbane Markets site in Rocklea, Queensland. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Avocados featured on ABC Landline (twice!)

If you missed discussion on the Tamborine money tree on ABC TV’s Landline, you can catch the segment online by clicking here. And avocado grower Ian Burow, Mt Cotton, featured in a story about the growth of urban farming last Sunday. Click here to watch.

Avocado trial sites required

Peracto (www.peracto.com.au), a contract research organisation is currently looking for Avocado trial sites in the South Queensland, Sunshine Coast or Bundaberg growing regions to conduct minor use permit chemical trials targeting avocado leaf roller (Homona spargotis), ivy leafroller (Cryptoptila immersana), flower eating caterpillars (multiple species including Homoeosoma vagella and Xanthodes congenita), grey looper (Cleora inflexaria), and brown looper (Lophodes sinistraria). If you have problems with caterpillars in your avocados, Eugene Chau from Peracto, Toowoomba would like to talk to you. Peracto will provide monetary compensation for any fruit that is part of the trial. Contact Eugene on 0487 775 494 or echau@peracto.com.


New Zealand’s premium avocado story grows market. 2/10/19.

New Zealand’s relatively high production costs means the country must focus on premium markets, NZ Avocados says. The country is focussed on being more involved in the US$608 million Asian avocado market. Read more in FreshPlaza.

South Korea and Peru agree on protocol. 2/10/19.

Peru’s Ministry for Agriculture (Minagri) has announced a phytosanitary protocol has been established to allow Peruvian Hass avocados to be exported to South Korea, according to local news sources. Read more in Asiafruit.

Mexican cartels fight for Michoacán avocado business. 2/10/19.

Four competing drug cartels are extorting avocado producers in Michoacán, Mexico, showing how the fruit is becoming an increasingly important source of illicit profits in the context of shifting criminal dynamics in the state. Read more in Mexico News Daily.

Avocados linked to drought in Chile. 2/10/19.

Australia doesn’t import avocado from Chile, but in the UK, there’s been recent coverage about the impact of the crop on drought conditions in some Chilean regions. Read more in Metro.

US: holidays boost sales 6%. 2/10/10.

Major US holidays in Q2 boosted avocado sales by 6% or more over the same period the previous year. This included Easter. Read more in FreshPlaza.

UK: Peruvian avocado imports. 1/10/19.

A new BBC program tracing the source of the UK’s food imports this week included avocados from Peru. While the piece was positive, social media users were quick to comment on water and land use. Check Twitter here.

US retail wants market data. 1/10/19.

Various US retail and food service executives told panel attendees at the World Avocado Congress that they needed accurate crop data from suppliers for planning. They also want to diversify their avocado supply base. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Kenya’s fast growing exports. 26/9/19.

Kenya ranks among the world’s fastest growing exporters of avocado as demand for the fruit grows in China and Europe. Read more in Kenya’s Daily Nation.

Colombian avocados head for new Asian markets. 26/9/19.

Colombia will ship its first ever consignment of avocados to Japan this month (October) following the opening of that market in July. Read more in Asiafruit.

Peru exports 285,000t. 26/9/19.

ProHass says the 285,000 tons exported during the 2019 campaign was less than in 2018, which was a “very productive” year for the country. Read more in FreshPlaza.


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Wholesaler updates in October

Keeping wholesalers, ripeners and consolidators in the loop is part of the latest avocado industry extension and industry development project. Ensuring these key industry members are up-to-date with the latest in industry best practice, technical developments about the post-harvest handling of avocado, and the maintenance of fruit quality post-harvest is part of a series of short, to the point, events in October. Full details are in the events calendar.



14 Oct – Brisbane wholesalers’ avocado workshop

16 Oct – Sydney wholesalers’ avocado workshop

17 Oct – Melbourne wholesalers’ avocado workshop

18 Oct – Adelaide wholesalers’ avocado workshop

24-25 Oct – Avocado SIAP meeting, Brisbane

11-13 Nov – TropAg2019, Brisbane Q

13 Nov – Avocados Australia AGM

13 Nov – Avocado Regional Forum, Nimbin, NSW

22 Nov – Hort Innovation AGM, Sydney NSW

10-13 Mar – Foodex Japan 2020, Makuhari Messe, Chiba
15-17 Jun – Hort Connections, Brisbane Q

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