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Avocados Australia Guacamole 8 June 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of the Guacamole newsletter. Get all the latest avocado industry news at your fingertips every fortnight!


Regional meetings a smashing success

More than 400 industry members attended the 2018 Avocados Australia Regional Meeting Series that started back in May. “The turn out and feedback for our presentations – ranging from general industry updates by Avocados Australia to new best practice materials developed by AHR to the latest bruising research to export initiatives and import threats – has been extremely positive,” CEO John Tyas says. The presentations will soon be available via the BPR Library, in the events section.

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TPP doesn’t mean Mexican imports are close

Despite news this week that APEAM has set its sights on access to the Australian and New Zealand avocado markets, Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas says fresh fruit imports from Mexico aren’t expected any time soon. “While avocados are a priority product for Mexico it is not their top priority for Australia at the moment, but it could be in a couple of years,” Mr Tyas said.

Australian Avocados

Successful campaign continues

The television ad for the avocado industry’s new three-year marketing campaign has launched! The overarching theme of the new campaign is 'Avocados make everything better – Smash an Avo'. The industry’s marketing activities are funded by your grower levies. See the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian Avocados.

New avocado ad already a winner

The new Australian Avocados ad has taken home the title of marketing industry website Mumbrella’s Ad of the Month for May, beating a high-quality field including Hahn, McDonald’s and eBay. Voters labelled the ad as an “original advertisement which is really entertaining”. The ad was also mentioned in Gruen on ABC TV, for it’s use of the word “better”.


Avocado Directory: your business directory

The Avocado Directory allows easy access to all sorts of businesses that play a role in the avocado industry. Whether you are a buyer or seller of products or services, this directory can help you.

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New supply chain resources available

Exciting new resources have been developed for the avocado industry: Avocado Best Practice Guide, Avocado Fruit Quality Problem Solver, Avocado Supply Chain checklists, Avocado stages of ripeness chart, and the Avocado Post-Harvest Review. The aim of the supply chain-focussed material is to increase awareness of the post-harvest factors affecting avocado quality, and ensure the supply of consistent, high-quality fruit to consumers. You can find the new resources at the top of the BPR Library’s Education Materials section.
The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. If you are already registered, log into the BPR and click on “What’s new on the BPR” on the welcome page.
You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.


Costa adds avocado locations in CNSW. 29/5/18.

Two more avocado locations have been added to the Costa portfolio, at Fishermans Reach and Comboyne. Costa also recently launched its Lovacado brand.

Horticulture National Awards for Excellence nominees. 28/5/18.

The nominees include Favco Fruit and Vegetable Company and Fresh Partners Australia for the ‘Avocado Retail Ready Six-Pack’ campaign in the Produce Plus Marketer of the Year category, UQ’s Dr Liz Dann in the Researcher of the Year category and UQ’s Dr Neena Mitter in the Women in Horticulture Award category.

Health and safety incidents in the news. 29/5/18.

A Queensland pineapple farm operator has been fined $20,000 after a worker fell more than 3m onto a concrete floor; investigation continues into a tractor fatality on a Queensland banana farm; a Shepparton fruit packing company has been convicted and fined $150,000 on appeal following an incident which left an employee with horrific scalping injuries.

AustOn Corp executive on international investment. 26/5/18.

Corporate executive David Goodfellow, who now heads up pension fund AustOn Corporation, talks international investment in agriculture.


Kenya exporting direct to Poland. 7/6/18.

Demand for avocado in Poland has led to direct imports from Kenya this season, instead of the more usual supplies via the Netherlands.

Mr Avocado adds Chinese orchard to holdings. 6/6/18.

Mr Avocado has announced the establishment of its first domestic avocado farm in Yunnan in the country’s south-west.

Colombia could be world’s 2nd largest Hass producer. 5/6/18.

In less than 10 years, if the current growth rate is maintained, Colombia could become the second largest producer and exporter of Hass avocado, after Mexico. Current No.2 in exports, Peru, is also ramping up production.

Mexico confident of keeping US market. 5/6/18.

Despite the current US/Mexico commercial war, Mexico’s avocado industry is confident they won’t have to find alternatives for that portion of their crop, due to the high demand. However, they are also expecting to increase exports to Asia and Europe.

Honduras planning 5,000ha of avocado. 5/6/18.

Honduras plans to not only supply its own domestic market, but eventually export surplus avocado into Asian, Central American and European markets.

WAO launches World Avocado Month. 4/6/18.

The World Avocado Organization is planning activities in France, South Africa and the UK.

US: new avocado sauces on shelves. 29/5/18

The avocado-based sauces will be launched nation-wide, based on a condiment common in Venezuela.

Impact of food production in the news. 28/5/18.

Scapegoating millennials about their avocado habits is misplaced and counterproductive; it’s not as though we can just give up food.

Trading avos for phones, and other news

Hort Innovation’s Claire Tindale-Penning tells SBS Food how to save an avocado for a rainy day, and in Chile, one retailer offered a barter system: avocados for a new phone.


2018 Irrigation Australia expo next week

North Queensland avocado grower Dan Poggioli from Tolga will be at next week’s 2018 Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition in Sydney. Dan will be preparing a piece for Talking Avocados and keeping an eye out for possible speakers for future avocado industry events.

As growers are well aware, irrigation in avocado crops is crucial to get right. With trees being evergreen, most areas will need irrigation year-round, while accurate monitoring is necessary during the flowering, fruit-set and fruit-development stages to avoid problems due to the trees’ sensitivity to moisture stress. The 2018 event will showcase the latest solutions, technologies and knowledge to help avocado growers. Avocados Australia has secured a 10% discount for members using the code AVOCADO.

When: 13-15 June

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney

Exhibition entry: free

Register: http://iaice.com.au



13-15 Jun – Irrigation Australia International Conference, Sydney
18-20 June – Hort Connections 2018, Brisbane
2-4 Jul – Northern Australia Food Futures Conference, Darwin
23-25 Jul – New Zealand Horticulture Conference, Christchurch
29-31 Aug – New Zealand Avocado Conference, Tauranga
4 Sept – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong 
5-7 Sept – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
8 Spt – Blackbutt Avocado Festival, Blackbutt, Q
26 Spt – Fresh Produce Safety Conference, Sydney
18-20 Oct – PMA Fresh Summit, Florida, USA

6-8 Feb – Fruit Logistica Berlin 
23-27 Spt – IX World Avocado Congress, Colombia

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