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Avocados Australia Guacamole 1 November 2019
Avocados on the tree

Avocado consumption still climbing!

In some good news for the industry, Australians are now eating 3.8kg of avocados per person per year. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said the very healthy domestic consumption was welcome, as a record production of 85,500t was picked in 2018/19. “We need to maintain our strong focus on quality – from the orchard to the retail shelf – as Australians are going to have more choice than ever before and we want to continue to increase consumption of Australian avocados, both here and internationally.”

2019 Hort Innovation Avocado Fund annual report

Hort Innovation Avocado Fund annual report

Pay a levy? Then you won’t want to miss everything your levy dollars got up to during the most recent financial year, with the release of Hort Innovation’s 2018/19 Avocado Fund annual reports. The report includes key investment and project information from the year, and is available to download by clicking here. From this link you can also access a copy of the Hort Innovation 2018/19 Company Annual Report, detailing activities and highlights across our entire portfolio of work.

Australian Avocados - consumer marketing

MyFoodBook partnership reaches audience

After nine new avocado recipes with 27 stills and nine videos, the Australian Avocados partnership with MyFoodBook concluded in October. The partnership delivered 594,045 direct brand engagements, 191,914 views of the recipes, 190,079 video views and 25,815 cookbook downloads. While the active partnership with MyFoodBook has ended, content will remain on the platform (click here for the collection) as well as on This marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.


Do you receive the Avo Alerts?

Avo Alerts are a monthly summary of growing activities for the different avocado growing regions of Australia. Compiled by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, this information provides a good guide for the best practice management that should be occurring in your orchard. If you are a grower or advisor, send an email to Amanda Madden at with your name, phone number and email address. It is as easy as that to get some agronomic reminders for your orchard.

Get to Know the Best Practice Resource
Best Practice Resource

Checking the related resources

Throughout the BPR, you will find a handy drop-down menu at the top of many of our articles, providing links to strategies, research reports, charts, posters, crop calendars, videos and more. Each selection of Related Resources is tailored to the specific article, providing a range of additional reading or handy templates for you.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource.

You can log in (or request access!) via

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Australian News

Clarity needed around court’s backpacker ruling. 1/11/19.

The Australian Federal Court this week ruled the backpacker tax should not apply to workers on 417 or 462 visas if they have residency status. Read more in the FarmOnline.

Drought and oversupply trouble Costa
. 30/10/19.
Hot, dry conditions are affecting the yield and quality of avocados, blueberries, raspberries and citrus for Costa Group. Shares had been put in a trading halt as the company organised a $176m capital raising from investors to stave off the threat of breaching its loan obligations with its bankers. Read more at ABC News.

Frozen avo on café menus. 25/10/19.
At least one café owner (unnamed) says frozen avocado helps them keep up with demand for smashed avo on toast. Read more in

Hort Innovation working on sustainability strategy. 24/10/19.
Once completed mid-2020, the Horticulture Sustainability Framework will include a snapshot of sustainability in horticulture, and types of evidence that can support sustainability credentials. The work may potentially also identify research and development priorities or gaps. Read more.

Hort Innovation: horticulture could reach $30 billion. 24/10/19.
The Australian horticulture sector could climb to up to $30 billion over the next decade, putting a significant dent in the national agriculture industry’s target of reaching $100 billion in production by 2030. Read more.

Horticultural supply chain survey open. 23/10/19.
CQUniversity is circulating an online survey to investigate Queensland horticulture producers' interest in achieving high product returns by supporting improved supply chains, identifying the need and potential for a collaborative approach. Read more and take the survey here.

Horizon scholarship open
Students studying an agriculture-related degree or STEM degree, in their last two years of study, are eligible to apply for the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship. The scholarship provides an annual $10,000 bursary over two years and professional development opportunities for eligible university students. Applications close 22 November. Read more.

Closing soon! Scholarships of $4,103-$10,941 available
Hort Innovation and Women & Leadership Australia are offering fee support of up to $10,941 for women to take part in one of three part-time practical courses. Participants will network with women peers from a variety of industries, and cover such topics as reinforcing resilience and well-being, rewiring your networks, evolving strategic change, team dynamics and supporting leadership performance. Expressions of interest are due by 15 November, click here for more.

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International News

Computer vision identifies ripe fruit. 29/10/19.
Researchers at the University of Helsinki have designed computer vision algorithms that can convert photos taken with a phone into accurate hyperspectral images, and one application could be to help identify unripe avocados. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Mexico’s cartel problem back in the news. 27/10/19.
Issues around criminal interests in Mexico’s avocado trade have been back in the news this fortnight, including this Associated Press piece, this Guardian article and an episode of Netflix’s Rotten.

Giant avos back on UK shelves. 26/10/19.
An Argentinian supplier has provided 1kg avocados for UK grocery chain Morrisons. The Torres avocados take 310 days to mature. Read more in Prima.

Promising bacterial extract to control Hass avocado diseases. 24/10/19.
Scientists in Medellin, Colombia have evaluated the biocontrol capacity of a bacterial extract to protect avocado fruits and plants from pathogen infections. Read more in FreshPlaza.

New automated measurement tool for fruit growers. 24/10/19.
A Spanish fruit orchard AI specialist has developed a handheld sensor to automate fruit size measurement in real time, testing it on avocados, citrus, mango and other fruit. Read more in Eurofruit.

Export Round-Up

Japanese exporter inspections starting soon
Avocados Australia has been working with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture to facilitate the visit of an inspector from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), in the lead up to the second registration round for those exporting into this new market. The inspector will be on the ground in Western Australia next week. In 2018/19, just 0.1% of avocado exports were to Japan, but this is expected to be a growth market for Australia.

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Mexican production up 5.7%. 31/10/19.

In the period between January and September 2019, Mexican avocado production reached 1,637,734 tons, 5.7% more than was harvested in the same period of 2018. Read more in FreshPlaza.

China: only one Kenyan company meets import requirements. 26/10/19.
Only one firm out of more than 100 has met the requirements laid down by China, six months after Nairobi and Beijing inked the deal. The freezing requirements set by China means Kenyan exporters have to invest heavily in cold rooms. Read more in the Daily Nation.

Chilean exports up 11%. 25/10/19.
Overall fruit exports for the 2018/19 season increased for Chile, compared to the previous season. This included an 11.2% increase for avocado exports, with Europe the main market. Read more in FreshPlaza. However, Peru is angling to increase exports to Chile, when Chile is out of season.

China could become the major avocado market. 21/10/19.
Partners in the Mr. Avocado joint venture told attendees at the World Avocado Congress that the potential was there, but there needed to be improvements to the cold chain, and the quality of fruit sent to China. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Peru closes out its 2019 season. 18/10/19.
From June to September, Peru is one of the largest exporters to Europe and the second-largest supplier of imported avocados to the United States. Read more in The Produce News.

Check out all the upcoming avocado events!

RSVP now for Tamborine / Northern Rivers event

Headlining this Tamborine/Northern Rivers event is industry legend, Dr Ken Pegg. Dr Pegg will take a fresh look at Phytophthora root rot in the light of climate stress, Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas will provide an industry update, and there will also be a nutrition presentation. The presentations will take place in the Nimbin Town Hall, followed by a visit to Barry and Victoria Kuhnell’s Mountain Top Magic Orchard. Click here for more on the event, which includes the Avocados Australia Annual General Meeting for 2019.


Hort AGM approaching

One new Director will be appointed by voting members at the 2019 Hort Innovation Annual General Meeting in Sydney on 22 November, with a further two Board appointments also to be determined. Read the candidate profiles by clicking here and the Hort Innovation media release here


11-13 Nov – TropAg2019, Brisbane Q

13 Nov – Avocados Australia AGM, Nimbin, NSW

13 Nov – Avocado Regional Forum, Nimbin, NSW

22 Nov – Hort Innovation AGM, Sydney NSW
27 Nov – Avocado Regional Forum, Childers, CQ


10-13 Mar – Foodex Japan 2020, Makuhari Messe, Chiba

15-17 Jun – Hort Connections, Brisbane Q

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