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Avocados Australia Guacamole 16 October 2020
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Coronavirus image from the CDC, on unsplash

COVID-19: what’s new

  • Western Australia now says it will allow Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme workers into WA, subject to strict conditions, read more.
  • The latest workplace directions (No. 8) from Victoria’s Chief Health Officer includes new requirements for those using seasonal workers. Horticultural workplaces will need to lodge a special seasonal worker plan (template coming), and other requirements will include the provision of masks, and record keeping.
  • Remember, if your business is operating in Victoria, you should already have a COVIDSafe Plan. Find the template here.
  • With new cases in Shepparton, the Victorian Government has released a list of places and times and testing/quarantine requirements. Read the latest.
  • If you have a permit for travel from Victoria into NSW, from one of the affected Victorian postcodes, you should already have received a notice to monitor for symptoms and/or get tested in NSW.
  • For Victorians on the South Australian border, that bubble is now 70km. Ag workers still need to apply for an essential services permit (apply here) and this should be done early, as there is an assessment backlog.
Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash

Ag measures in national budget

The latest Federal Budget involves a range of measures of benefit to agriculture, including provision for worker relocation incentives, plans to modernise Australia’s export systems, and extending the International Freight Assistance Mechanism to mid-2021. Click here to read more about the budget’s labour support measures, and here for more on the new asset write-off rules.

Smashed avocado

New Harvest to Home insights

The latest Harvest to Home insights for the 52 weeks ending 6 September have been released. In the latest 52 weeks, avocados were increasing (4.8%) in terms of dollars and showing no significant change at 1.5% in terms of volume (kg). Buying household percentage fell from 76% to 75%. The average spend rose, from $60.17 to $62.58. The average weight purchased increased slightly, sitting at 8.7kg. Note, levy payers can access a more detailed report by selecting the ‘Click here to request more information’ in the report.

2021 irrigation review

EOI for Irrigation Review 2021

The Avocado Industry Development and Extension (AV17005) project team will conduct a major irrigation review in 2021. We are seeking avocado growers, agronomists and irrigation consultants to review current practices, share experiences, examine global advances, identify knowledge gaps, propose changes and develop best practice adoption strategies. The event will be held in Brisbane. Click here to register your interest.

Avocados on a tree

OrchardInfo needs you!

There have been massive new plantings over the past few years, but if we don’t know about them, industry planning will be based on poor forecasts for the years ahead. You still have time to complete your OrchardInfo Tree Census and Productivity Survey and go in the draw to win one of five $200 Visa gift cards, if you fill out the quick and easy forms by Monday, 19 October. The links were emailed out on 25 September (from If you cannot find the email, contact Daniel Martins (0458 004 198 or or Amanda Madden (0472 501 301 or and they will be happy to assist you. This should be very quick and easy, and everyone’s contribution is vital for industry planning. If you know someone new to the industry, please encourage them to make contact with us and contribute to the census.

Australian Avocados logo

Abundance of Budgy Smuggler entries

The latest Australian Avocados social media competition, for a Budgy Smuggler and avocado prize pack, resulted in high engagement rates (5,460 likes and 97 comments on Insta and 3,300 reactions and 220 comments on Facebook). Australian Avocados marketing activities are managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

Cover of the latest Australian Farmer digital magazine

Latest edition of Australian Farmer out now

And updated and refreshed version of Volume II of The Australian Farmer annual digital book, is now available. This volume delivers articles on digital technology, automation, thought leadership, case studies, sustainable water management and micro irrigation.

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Staying safe in the orchard

The Avocados Australia Best Practice Resource has an entire module on workplace health and safety, featuring avocado-specific hazard checklists, management tools and safety inductions. A recent addition to the safety guides page has been new resources from Plant Health Australia, to help seasonal workers understand biosecurity risks. Once you have logged into the BPR, you can find the video and factsheet resources here.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource.

Avocados Australia administers ANVAS so growers have access to healthy avocado trees
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Get more Australian industry news

Fruit fly found in Tasmania. 14/10/2020.

A Queensland fruit fly larvae has been detected in a passionfruit bought from a Launceston supermarket, and is Tasmania's second detection in 2020. Read more in the Examiner.

VegKIT aims to increase consumption. 14/10/2020.

A new project involving Hort Innovation aims to help parents ensure their children eat their daily recommended intake of vegetables. Read more in The Sector.

Yellow crazy ants spreading in Queensland’s north. 14/10/2020.

Yellow crazy ants, which spit formic acid and can form supercolonies that overwhelm native species, have long been an issue in the country’s north, including in Cairns. A new infestation has now been found near Alligator Creek in Townsville. Read more in Guardian Australia.

Central NSW production doubles. 12/10/2020.

Stuarts Point avocado grower Ian Tolson says production has doubled in the last 12 months. Speaking to NBN Television, the Avocados Australia director said while COVID-19 initially impacted, demand soon picked up across the country. Watch the piece here.

NSW: first fall armyworm detected. 12/10/2020.

A single male moth has been trapped between Moree and Boggabilla. The pest was first identified in northern Australia in early 2020. Read more.

Changes to the Food and Grocery Code. 8/10/2020.

On 3 October, a number of Food and Grocery Code changes came into effect. The voluntary code governs certain conduct by grocery retailers and wholesalers in their dealings with suppliers. Items updated include dispute resolution, more detail on good faith, negotiating price rises, no more retrospective changes and more. Read the full details here.

Qld: Woolworths' Townsville DC expansion. 6/10/2020.

Woolworths has unveiled its newly upgraded Townsville Regional Distribution Centre (DC) following the completion of a $12 million expansion. The DC is now more than double its original footprint, allowing it to hold an additional 435 fresh food and essential product lines. Read more from inside FMCG.

Progress on fly pollination research. 5/10/2020.

The case continues to build for Australian native flies to be used as commercial crop pollinators. The second year of the native fly trials by the Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development at Busselton have proven to be even more successful than the first. Read more in the Katherine Times.

Global avo market overview. 2/10/2020

The latest global avocado market overview from FreshPlaza shows the season is ending for Peru, and shifting to Colombia, Spain and Mexico. In Australia, domestic supplies have largely shifted to Western Australia, with supplies also from New Zealand, Central NSW and the Tristate. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Click here for a round up of international avocado news

South Africa has a positive season. 14/10/2020.

Overall, the South African avocado industry had another positive year although the export market was oversupplied mid-season. On the local market, prices and demand remained firm, with a renewed interest in health foods. Read more in FreshPlaza.

International interest in Colombia. 14/10/2020.

Agricultural giants such as Israel, Spain, South Africa, and Chile are interested in Colombia's agricultural potential to produce Hass avocados. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Californian production increased. 14/10/2020.

The 2020 crop is expected to reach just over 373 million pounds of avocados—up from 216.6 million the season prior. This year’s crop has met with equally strong demand, even with the challenges of the pandemic. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Mexico: Jalisco recovering from delayed start. 7/10/2020.

The start of Jalisco’s Mendez season (May to early October) had a delayed start due to the pandemic, but their markets have now stabilised. Read more in FreshPlaza.

US: Mission Produce now public. 5/10/2020.

On 1 October, 2020, Mission Produce officially went public with an initial public offering of 9,375,000 shares of its common stock at an offering price to the public of US$12 per share. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Scientists explain the tastiness of smashed avo. 3/10/2020.

A group of food scientists in Belgium have discovered why avocado tastes so good on sourdough toast. It's not just the crunch of the bread or the creaminess of the avocado. It all comes down to a molecule called hexanal. Read more in goodfood.

Your round up of export news that matters

Exports halve for 2020, values up

The latest monthly export report shows Australia’s avocado exports up until August 2020 were 53% lower than August 2019. However, the report (read it under the Export heading in the BPR Library) also showed unit values were 58% higher.

Federal budget promises to ease export congestion

The latest budget from the Australian government has committed $328 million to reduce export congestion, including $222 million assigned for the development of digital services and a further $10 million to streamline border clearances for plant exports. Read more.

New PEMS app

The latest initiative from the Plant Exports Management System (PEMS) allows users to access the system via their mobile phones in a more mobile responsive format. The PEMS IN YOUR POCKET system is designed to allow information to be entered into the system during audits, instead of afterwards. Read the factsheet.

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Ben Faber, University of California, in an avocado orchard

First Avogrow webinar: nutrition

Growers and industry members are invited to attend the first Avogrow webinar to be held on Wednesday, 28 October. Guest speaker Ben Faber from the University of California Cooperative Extension team has been a farm advisor in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties since 1989. Ben will be sharing his experiences of nutrient management for avocados grown under Californian conditions.


Avocados Australia AGM

The 2020 Avocados Australia AGM will be held on 4 November from 1.15pm-2.15pm (AEST). Members can join the Zoom either online or by phone but RSVPs are essential. Read more here or email Jayne Weedon at


Hort Innovation: Annual General Meeting

Hort Innovation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday 27 November. The period to secure your voting rights has now closed. Read more.


Catch up: cryopreservation webinar

Did you miss QAAFI’s webinar on the latest research allowing for the cryopreservation of avocado shoot tips? The recording is now online, and you can watch here:


Catch up: managing flies for pollination webinar

The South West Catchment Council in WA recently held a special pollination webinar and you can catch all the presentations on YouTube. Click here for Dr David Cook’s presentation on flies as pollinators, click here for Mike Christensen’s presentation on eDNA Avocado, and click here for Wendy Wilkins’s presentation on pollination and farm resilience.



28 Oct – Avogrow webinar (nutrition), online

4 Nov – Avocados Australia AGM, online

17 Nov – Asiafruit Congress, online

18-20 Nov – Asia Fruit Logistica, online

27 Nov – Hort Innovation AGM



7-9 Jun – Hort Connections, Brisbane Q

21-23 Jun – Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Gold Coast Q

4-5 Aug – Fruit Growers Victoria Conference, Shepparton & Ardmona V

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