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John Tyas, Elise Kinsella, Lindy & John Williams in the shade of the Money Tree

Avocados featuring on ABC Landline

Australia’s avocado industry will feature on ABC’s Landline program this Sunday, after reporter Elise Kinsella spoke to John and Lindy Williams about the family’s “money tree”. The tree is one of the original avocado trees in the industry, planted at Tamborine in Queensland in the 1930s. Elise also interviewed our CEO John Tyas, Graham Anderson and Harold Taylor (Anderson Horticulture) and QAAFI’s Dr Neena Mitter. Landline airs at 12.30pm on Sunday, and will also be available via iView.

The Australian industry tour group in a Californian orchard

Californian tour success

The Australian avocado industry’s tour of the Californian growing regions has been a success this week. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said the tour group of 38 had visited a major nursery, packhouses and orchards. “As the Australian industry continues to grow, it’s important for us to keep up-to-date with what’s happening globally.” The group is continuing onto the World Avocado Congress next week.

Avocados Australia Export Coordinator Joy Tang

Avocado in China’s top 10 fruit imports

Avocados Australia's Export Manager Joy Tang was in Beijing last week, at the China Fruit & Vegetable Fair. Joy had the opportunity to outline the Australian avocado industry as part of the China-Australia Fresh Produce Forum, as part of the Hort Innovation Taste Australia activities. She says while Australia currently has no access to mainland China for avocado, there is certainly interest. For the first time, avocados have made the top 10 fruit imports for China, supplied by Peru, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand.


Interest needed: levy-supported masterclass

Hort Innovation is keen to hear from avocado levy payers about their interest in providing levy support for a Masterclass in Horticultural Business. Several other horticultural industries provide support for masterclass participants. If believe the avocado industry would benefit from supporting this initiative, or you are interested, please contact Hort Innovation’s Jane Wightman on jane.wightman@horticulture.com.au or 0427 142 046 before 30 September. If there is interest, Jane will take a proposal to the Avocado Strategic Investment Advisory Panel. Click here to read more about the Hort Frontiers program and the support provided, and click here for more on the University of Tasmania masterclass.

Australian Avocados - visit the website today

10 pimped up avocado recipes

An Australian Avocados partnership with Bauer is providing the opportunity to inspire and demonstrate the versatility of avocados to consumers. The latest activity was released this week, a collection of 10 avocado recipes to “guac your world” on Now to Love. You can check out the article by clicking here. The partnership involves a range on online and print content, in number of publications. This marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

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What's new in the Best Practice Resource?
Best Practice Resource

Indian market potential: market study report

The Indian market shows great potential for the Australian avocado industry. CEO John Tyas recently participated in a market tour of the country, finding familiarity with the fruit, as well as interest. India is a market that has been identified as a high priority within the Avocado Export Strategy – 2019-2021. Australia does not yet have market access for fresh avocados to India, but Avocados Australia is in discussions with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture to progress our application. A full report from the study tour (and the export strategy) is available under the Exports heading in the BPR Library.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/. 

ANVAS program
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Avocado trial sites required

Peracto (www.peracto.com.au), a contract research organisationa is currently looking for Avocado trial sites in the South Queensland, Sunshine Coast or Bundaberg growing regions to conduct minor use permit chemical trials targeting avocado leaf roller (Homona spargotis), ivy leafroller (Cryptoptila immersana), flower eating caterpillars (multiple species including Homoeosoma vagella and Xanthodes congenita), grey looper (Cleora inflexaria), and brown looper (Lophodes sinistraria). If you have problems with caterpillars in your avocados, Eugene Chau from Peracto, Toowoomba would like to talk to you. Peracto will provide monetary compensation for any fruit that is part of the trial. Contact Eugene on 0487 775 494 or echau@peracto.com.

NSW: Hail destroys crops at Comboyne
. 18/9/19.

Some avocado growers near Comboyne in Central New South Wales have been hit hard by a hailstorm this week. “…they destroyed the avocados, the crop we had started harvesting, and the flowering for next year, and a lot of the branches have been severely damaged,” Ernst Tideman says. Read more from ABC Mid North Coast.

WA packhouse expansion. 18/9/19.
Advance Packing and Marketing Services has carried out a $2.5 million expansion of its Manjimup packing facility, to keep up with growth. Read more in the Manjimup Bridgetown Times.

New phytosanitary security policy coming. 16/9/19.

A new phytosanitary security policy has been developed as part of improvements to the Department of Agriculture’s horticulture export certification system. The new policy is available by clicking here and will be enforceable from 16 December 2019.

SA: new weather stations being installed. 13/9/19.

State-of-the-art localised automatic weather stations, which will provide key data to help inform food producers’ decision making, will be installed throughout the Riverland and Mallee. Read more here.

Genome sequencing could bring improvements. 11/9/19.

Sequencing the avocado genome could lead to crop improvements in the future. The first draft sequencing the Hass genome was recently published, and UQ researchers in the Hort Innovation National Tree Genomics Program will now complete the final assembly of the genome. Read more in Good Fruit & Vegetables.

Mobile pest surveillance units launched. 10/9/19.

Australia will soon deploy numerous mobile pest surveillance units around the country in order to provide industries with vital information in real-time. This project is led by Hort Innovation, through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program, as well with support from 17 partner organisations. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Science scholarships available for AuSHS members. 3/9/19.

The Australian Society of Horticultural Science Advancement Trust scholarship is open. The scholarship assists AuSHS members to develop ideas, attend an international symposia, disseminate information or sustain a project that may advance horticultural science in Australia. Check out the website for details. Applications close 30 November 2019.

Scholarships of $4,103-$10,941 available

Hort Innovation and Women & Leadership Australia are offering fee support of up to $10,941 for women to take part in one of three part-time practical courses. Participants will network with women peers from a variety of industries, and cover such topics as reinforcing resilience and wellbeing, rewiring your networks, evolving strategic change, team dynamics and supporting leadership performance. Expressions of interest are due by 15 November, click here for more.

Hort Innovation AGM & voting rights

Levy Return forms due soon. Hort Innovation members who pay a statutory or voluntary levy have the right to vote at the organisation’s AGM. In order to secure voting entitlements, members must first complete an Annual Levy Return form (this process closes on 27 September 2019). The AGM is in Sydney on 22 November. Read more at Hort Innovation about how to secure your voting rights.


New marketing panel at World Avocado Congress. 17/9/19.

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) will host the first ever International Marketing Session as part of next week’s Congress in Colombia. The session will focus on the marketing activities and influences of the world’s largest avocado markets, including the United States and Europe, as well as the top emerging market, Asia (China and Japan). Read more in FreshPlaza.

Colombia: Mission Produce expansion underway. 16/9/19.

Mission Produce plans to plant up to 1,500ha of avocado trees in Colombia, boosting the company’s year-round supply of fruit. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Colombia: Hass exports up 54%

In the first eight months of 2018, Colombia exported 19.1 tons of Hass avocado. In the same period in 2019, exports increased to almost 30 tons, which represents a volume increase of 53.6%. Read more in FreshPlaza.

USDA wants assurances its inspectors are safe in Mexico. 13/9/19.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is threatening to suspend its avocado certification program after threats and violence against inspectors in Michoacán. Read more in Mexico News Daily.

Hong Kong: Avobar opens for business. 13/9/19.

London’s Avobar has opened a new location, in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Read more in timeout.

Mexico: US still accounts for 80% of exports. 6/9/19.

80.3% of the 638 thousand tons of Mexican avocados exported to foreign markets during the first six months of 2019 were sent to the United States. Read more in FreshPlaza.

South Africa: export year ending. 6/9/19.

“The export season was fantastic as product was scarce, especially during the shoulder periods, and demand was very good,” says Athol Currie, regional director of KwaZulu-Natal for the South African Avocado Growers’ Association. Read more in FreshPlaza.

US: Calavo Growers’ record revenue. 5/9/19.

Revenues at the avocado company rose 21% to a record US$359.3m for the three months ended July 31. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Zimbabwe eyes Japanese avocado market. 2/9/19.

The president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries has apparently told Japan it needs to undo market prohibitions, to allow for avocado exports. Read more in FreshPlaza.


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Wholesaler updates in October

Keeping wholesalers, ripeners and consolidators in the loop is part of the latest avocado industry extension and industry development project. Ensuring these key industry members are up-to-date with the latest in industry best practice, technical developments about the post-harvest handling of avocado, and the maintenance of fruit quality post-harvest is part of a series of short, to the point, events in October. Full details are in the events calendar.



23-27 Spt – IX World Avocado Congress, Colombia

14 Oct – Brisbane wholesalers’ avocado workshop

16 Oct – Sydney wholesalers’ avocado workshop

17 Oct – Melbourne wholesalers’ avocado workshop

18 Oct – Adelaide wholesalers’ avocado workshop

24-25 Oct – Avocado SIAP meeting, Brisbane

11-13 Nov – TropAg2019, Brisbane Q

13 Nov – Avocados Australia AGM

13 Nov – Avocado Regional Forum, Nimbin, NSW

22 Nov – Hort Innovation AGM, Sydney NSW

10-13 Mar – Foodex Japan 2020, Makuhari Messe, Chiba
15-17 Jun – Hort Connections, Brisbane Q

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