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Avocados Australia Guacamole 23 July 2021

COVID-19: what’s new

COVID-19: Borders & financial support

  • Well, it’s been an interesting fortnight. South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria are currently in lockdown, with the associated impact on food service demand.
  • Support funding available: South Australia: small to medium business grants, $600/week worker support payments for regional areas (Adelaide workers will receive Federal support); Victoria: cash grants for businesses, and worker support, here; NSW: business support grants, and worker support here.
  • It’s highly advisable that if you are planning to travel anywhere interstate, please check current border restrictions: South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, the ACT, Tasmania, and New South Wales. There have been changes to the cross border corridor arrangements and worker border pass permits in some cases. Please check.
  • There is a crackdown on freight drivers and trucks, across various states. Where necessary, make sure your business and drivers are complying with their permit conditions, including regular testing, the use of masks etc.

COVID-19: other updates

  • In Victoria, there were early reports some Mildura-area pickers were sent home when on their way to work. Agriculture Victoria was raising this with the local enforcement officers, as ag workers are still considered essential.
  • Cost of hotel quarantine in Queensland has been quietly increased.
  • Queensland and Victoria have updated and/or extended the criteria for their ag workforce incentives. Updated links available here.
  • Following up on the use of QR codes from last edition, NSW DPI advises packsheds have to use the Service NSW QR code, but farms/orchards do not (but it is strongly encouraged). Click here to read the NSW DPI notice (ignore the other lockdown information, as the notice is from before the extensions). Click here for links to other state requirements. Increased compliance checks can be expected.
Avocados on a tree

Infocado team heading to North Queensland

The Infocado team will be up in North Queensland from 23-27 Aug to help users learn their way around the new and improved Infocado system. We are excited to get NQ packhouses set up in the new system and show you how simple and quick it is to enter your Infocado data. The Infocado system and your contribution is critical to the future sustainability of the industry. To find out more get in touch with our team


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Australian Avocados

Avocado promotional successes

Australian Avocados, industry’s marketing activity is helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados, has been out and about encouraging consumers to eat more avocados this year. This includes ongoing Our Green Gold activities, an article in The Latch on health benefits, new recipes in MiNDFOOD and this month’s Metcash competition. You can check out more on all of these activities on the marketing blog here. The industry’s marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

Visit the Avocado Directory
Timely in the BPR

Storage, dry matter and quality

As part of AV18000, Noel Ainsworth from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been exploring the impact of extended storage on rots, and the relationship between fruit maturity to uniformity of avocado ripeness. Noel has prepared two special articles for this edition of Guacamole: storage and rots (current trends), and fruit maturity.

And if you want the latest on quality on retail shelves, don’t forget the June 2021 reports from AV19003 can be found in the Retail quality module of the BPR. Given the current abundant supply, quality is of key importance in 2021. Be sure to check the various information in the BPR (from growing, through the packhouse, to transport, wholesale and ripening) that will help maintain the standards consumers expect.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via

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Preferred Fruit & Perfection Fresh nominated in 2021 Fresh Awards. 20/7/2021

Avocados Australia members Preferred Fruit and Perfection Fresh have been nominated for the Wholesaler of the Year category at the 2021 Sydney Markets Fresh Awards. The winners will be announced on 8 September. Read more.

Older farmers account for half of fatalities. 20/7/2021

In the last decade, farmers aged 50 years or older have accounted for half of all Australian farming fatalities, according to FarmSafe Australia. Read more.

COVID-19: retailers call for a national approach. 20/7/2021

The Australian Retailers Association wants a national approach to lockdown standards, including a clear definition of “essential retail”. Read more in inside FMCG.

Avocados offering great value for consumers. 19/7/2021

Central NSW grower Tim Kemp told his local NBN News viewers that current prices were due to the much higher supply this year, and encouraged everyone to take advantage of the high quality fruit on offer. Watch the clip here.

Efforts to combat fall armyworm ramp up. 19/7/2021

Hort Innovation has announced research to identify natural predators, and deliver diagnostic tools. Read more. In some, limited, circumstances it appears the pest will eat avocado trees, read our article here.

Powerline death on Queensland pineapple farm. 14/7/2021

A man has died and several people have been hospitalised after a harvester came into contact with powerlines at a pineapple farm near Yeppoon last week. Read more in the ABC.

Tree crop mapping efforts win global award. 13/7/2021

Craig Shephard and Joel McKechnie, researchers from the University of New England’s Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre, have won first place for their Australian Tree Crop Map Dashboard at the 2021 Esri User Conference, putting their work “on the map” as the global standard. Read more.

Native pollinators can rival honey bees. 12/7/2021

A report released by AgriFutures last week shows that native bees can rival introduced honey bees in the pollination stakes. Read more in The Land or find the report here.

Change of focus for CQ orchard. 12/7/2021

A Childers avocado orchard, reputedly the first such orchard in the region, is scaling back its commercial operation as owners Tom and Donna Duncan OAM focus on their avocado oil skincare range. Read more in Bundaberg Now.

Costa purchases Select Fresh. 9/7/2021

Costa has finalised its purchase of Select Fresh Group, a Western Australian-based wholesale distribution system specialising in fresh produce. Read more.

COVID-19 resources for the avocado industry

South Africa: ZZ2’s big plans. 20/7/2021

ZZ2 is planning to build one of the world’s biggest avocado packhouses in Limpopo. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

First Colombian Hass to South Korea. 19/7/2021

An 18-tonne shipment dispatched by Westfalia is the first Colombian Hass to South Korea. Read more in Eurofruit.

China: growing demand for “ready to eat”. 19/7/2021

Mr. Avocado reports that while market demand grows stronger every year, the industry continues to struggle with a problematic consumer experience. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Mexican avocados keep growing. 16/7/2021

Mexico’s share of global exports is projected to reach 63% by 2030, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Agricultural Outlook for 2021-2030. Read more in Americafruit.

South African exports disrupted by unrest. 14/7/2021

In the wake of riots and looting in some South African cities, farms and packhouses have so far escaped damage but roads are cut, interrupting not just exports but domestic supplies for a range of commodities. Read more in FreshPlaza and Eurofruit.

Avocado trick trending on TikTok. 13/7/2021

A trick for getting the avocado seed out without a knife has been circulating on TikTok, and is generating lots of conversations. Watch the TikTok on YahooSports.

Global avocado production to triple. 12/7/2021

Avocado production is on track to triple its growth by 2030 compared to levels in 2010 by reaching 12 million metric tons (MT), according to an FAO report. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Colombia: major export increase. 12/7/2021

The value of Colombia’s avocado exports rose 88.5% to US$115 million between January and May, but the Ministry of Agriculture fears road blockades will impact. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Peru planning Olympic marketing in the US. 12/7/2021

The Washington-based Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC), under its Avocados from Peru (AFP) banner, will feature TV, OTT (via the internet) and digital content that will run in more than 20 major US markets throughout the duration of the Olympics and throughout the rest of the summer. Read more in The Packer.

Avocado export round-up

Record avocado exports for May

In May 2021, the Australian avocado industry broke records for the largest volume of Australian avocados exported in a single month: 634 tonnes. Of this, 50% (322 tonnes) went to Hong Kong. This is not only a record, but a definite improvement on the figures for the end of 2020. You can find the industry’s export/import updates in the BPR Library, under the Export heading.

Australia/Vietnam trade increase. 14/7/2021

Vietnam wants to become one of Australia’s top 10 trading partners, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister told the Australian Trade Minister last week. While there’s no mention of avocados, Vietnam does have a domestic market. Read more in Vietnam Plus.

Export challenges for fruit and veg. 13/7/2021

Customers around the world want to continue to buy Australian fruit and vegetables, but currently, there are many challenges getting the product to them, according to the Export Council of Australia. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Australian Export & Investment Awards open

Exporters have until 6 August to nominate for the 59th annual awards recognising Australian exporters, and the international companies or joint ventures that have made an enduring contribution to the Australian economy. More details here.

Want regular export news?

Sign up for the regular email updates on avocado export related news and grants. Email your contact details to to be subscribed. (Note, you must be a participant in the Australian avocado industry to subscribe.)

Dave the date graphic

AvoGrow webinar: your levy at work

Save the date for the Research Update AvoGrow webinar on Thursday, 12 August at 1pm. In this AvoGrow webinar, we will present the results of Hort Innovation Avocado Fund Research across carbohydrates, pollination, fruit quality and irrigation. Keep an eye out for the full agenda coming next week, but bookings are already open - click here!

Avocados Australia logo element

NQ: Avocados Australia Member breakfast

Avocados Australia’s North Queensland members are invited to a special breakfast on 25 August in Atherton. The event is a chance to meet other members in the region, and get the inside scoop on industry and business issues. Click here to RSVP or call 07 3846 6566 to check your membership status. (Note: you need to RSVP separately for the regional forum.)

Save the date graphic

NQ: Regional forum

The 2021 North Queensland regional forum will be held in Atherton on 25 August. Open to all members of the region’s avocado industry, bookings will open next week. The focus will be on flowering and pollination.

Image from: SQ spray field day, Boardman

NEW DATES: spray workshops

The dates for a series of hands on, practical workshops on the coverage, calibration and timing of sprays (organised by EE Muir as part of AV19001) have changed, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and outbreaks. The new dates are:

Numbers are strictly limited to 30 per event. You do not to RSVP a second time, but if you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket via TryBooking or contact Chad Simpson (EE Muir) on or 0418 142 986.



3-4 Aug – AvoSkills workshop, QDAF, Bundaberg Q

18 Aug – Fresh Produce Safety Conference, online

25 Aug – Avocados Australia Member Breakfast, Atherton NQ

25 Aug – Avocado Regional Forum, Atherton NQ

1 Spt – Avocado spray workshop, WA

2 Spt – Global Avocado Congress, online

12 Oct – Avocado spray workshop, Mareeba NQ

19 Oct – Avocado spray workshop, Childers CQ

21 Oct – Avocado spray workshop, Hampton SQ

26 Oct – Avocado spray workshop, Alstonville NSW

28 Oct – Avocado spray workshop, Stuarts Point NSW

28-29 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, online

10 Nov – National Biosecurity Forum, Canberra/online



13-16 Feb – Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Gold Coast Q

15-16 Feb – evoke AG, Perth, WA

4-5 Aug – Fruit Growers Victoria Conference, Shepparton & Ardmona V

6 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong

7-9 Spt – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong

Horticulture Innovation Australia
Guacamole has been funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.