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Avocados Australia Guacamole 25 June 2021

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COVID-19: what’s new

Here’s the latest from this fortnight.

  • Borders are changing rapidly given the current situation in Sydney. There are border corridor or bubbles in place, but please check current restrictions for border pass requirements. Click the state for more: South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, the ACT, Tasmania, and New South Wales.
  • The Australian Government is also reviewing the future of the Pacific Labour Scheme and the Seasonal Worker Programme. The short questionnaire (eight questions) closes on 18 July. Read more here, and download the Pacific Labour Mobility discussion papers here.
  • The Australian Government is set to introduce a new seasonal ag worker visa, extended to all 10 ASEAN countries. The government expects the new visa to offset the removal of the requirement for backpackers from the UK to work in regional areas to extend their visas. One possible issue flagged with the new visa will be the increased quarantine capacity requirement, if it proves popular and international borders are still closed. Read more from the Australian Government, and from Farmonline.
  • In Victoria, farms are exempt from the need to have a QR code (for workers and people attending for work-related purposes), but it is encouraged. There is currently some confusion about whether non-public facing businesses (eg warehousing) need to have the QR code system in place. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. Click here.
  • The Victorian Government’s seasonal harvest sign-on bonus program and quarantine pathway for Pacific Islander workers has been extended. Read more in Good Fruit & Vegetables.
  • Queensland now has an electric border declaration that needs to be filled out by almost everyone coming into the state. Click here to fill it out (up to 72 hours before you cross the border). Queensland’s protocol for freight movements has also been updated, adding the new declaration, click here for more.
  • Also in Queensland, the government is considering a move to make critical and skilled workers pay upfront for their hotel quarantine. Turns out, only 44% of those who have used hotel quarantine in Queensland have paid their bill.
It's time to step up your avo game

Bid to boost consumption continues

Avocados Australia (your peak industry body) and Australian Avocados (your marketing levy funded brand at Hort Innovation) are working together in 2021 in a bid to boost avocado consumption. Australian Avocados has increased its marketing spend this year, and Avocados Australia has been in the news, all in an effort to encourage consumers to make the most of the current excellent value offered by avocados in a bumper production year. “We know the supply volume has made it tough for growers, so there is a concerted and coordinated effort underway to reach both avo lovers, and those who might be more occasional buyers,” Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said.

AvoSkills - Central Queensland event

AvoSkills: EOIs close this Sunday!

Time running out to put in your EOI. AvoSkills is a two day event from the extension team (AV17005) that will help you with the A to O of growing avocados. The next event will be in Bundaberg Q on 3-4 August. Numbers are strictly limited for this event. If you are keen to attend an event a little closer to home, AvoSkills are also planned for Central New South Wales and the Tristate in future.

Peter Whyld at the Pemberton orchard walk

Big week in the West!

Bumper (but COVIDsafe!) crowds joined the extension project team (AV17005) in Western Australia this week for regional forums at Pemberton and Wanneroo, and a wholesalers workshop in Perth. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas says the latest update sessions covering the current state of play for the industry, irrigation, pollination, canopy management and more, had been well received.

Australian Avocados

Australian Avocados’ increased marketing effort

The grower levy funded marketing efforts have been expanded in 2021, alongside the nation’s bumper avocado harvest. Australian Avocados is working to encourage increased consumption, including via social media, out-of-home, radio and cinema advertising from June to September. A sample of the additional radio spots promoting Hass avocados has been added to the marketing blog here. The industry’s marketing activity is helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados. This marketing activity is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

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Guac New in the BPR banner

Catching up on your orchard tasks?

Did you know you can always find the latest Avo Alerts in the BPR Library, under Australian Agronomy? The Avo Alerts provide you with a list of possible orchard tasks for both the current and coming months, broken down by region.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via

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Do you want to join the Hort Innovation Board?

Hort Innovation is on the lookout for three new directors to join its board. As part of the company’s constitution, one-third of board members must retire due to their length of time in office but may reapply if eligible. All director nominees require experience in finance and risk, governance and compliance, and strategy and business management, plus various other practical skills. Applicants have until 5 July to apply. The Director Applicant Information Pack is here and applications can be submitted via the Rimfire link on this page.

Shepard season delivered quality: new retail reports

As the Shepard season wrapped up, we have seen consistently high-quality fruit through February to May, with fruit meeting the industry target of 90% acceptable in all four months. You can find the May reports from the retail monitoring project (AV19003) in the BPR here.

New directors needed: Plant Health Australia

Plant Health Australia Limited (PHA) has opened applications for non-executive directors of the company. PHA has a skills-based Board, currently consisting of eight directors. In order to maintain skills appropriate to our Constitution and activities, the terms of approximately half of the directors expire every two years. Click here to read more.

Debt repayment waiver a boost for farmers. 24/6/2021

The Australian Government has passed legislation today that waives the majority of Farm Household Allowance debts caused when incorrectly estimating business income. Read more.

Jail time and stronger fines for biosecurity breaches. 23/6/2021

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said the Biosecurity Amendment (Strengthening Penalties) Act 2021 would increase the penalties for 28 civil and criminal provisions. “If you intentionally contravene Australia’s biosecurity laws, you could now cop significant jail time and a bigger fine of up to $1.11 million.” Read more.

Death of fruit picker “avoidable”. 21/6/2021

The death of a 27-year-old backpacker who suffered from multiple organ failure and heat stroke after picking fruit in Queensland’s Burdekin region was "preventable", a coroner has found. Read more in the ABC.

Top sandwich makers have some avo-licious suggestions. 21/6/2021

Blend it, dowse it in citrus, smoosh it between brioche, deep fry it, freeze it – Broadsheet Melbourne asked cafe and deli owners across the country what they’d do with cheap avo (other than smashing it, seasoning it and serving it on toast, which is perfectly fine too).

South Australia: new fruit fly outbreaks. 15/6/2021

New measures to treat commercial fruit and vegetables sent from South Australia to Victoria have been introduced, as two new Mediterranean fruit fly outbreaks have been declared at Port Augusta and Warradale, after the discovery of maggots in backyard fruit. Read more in Good Fruit & Vegetables.

COVID-19 resources for the avocado industry

China still relies on avocado imports. 21/6/2021

Demand in China is gradually increasing, and the country’s planted area was close to 25,000 hectares in 2020 but is still unable to meet domestic demand. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Peruvian campaign behind schedule. 21/6/2021

Despite the delays, Peru is expected to export 29% more fruit this season, compared to the previous season. Read more in Fresh Fruit Portal.

Colombia: ag losses mount due to national strike. 21/6/2021

Since April, Colombia has experienced a series of ongoing protests against increased taxes and other matters, costing the country’s agriculture sector US$3.6 billion. Read more in Eurofruit.

Avocados in space (true story). 4/6/2021

How did we miss this gem last edition? Avocados were included in the payload of the latest SpaceX rocket resupplying the International Space Station. Read more in The Guardian.

Avocado export round-up

Latest export report available in the BPR Library

The April 2021 import/export report is now available in the BPR. For the 10 months to April 2021, exports of avocados were 1,661 tonnes, which was 51% lower than last year to date. Hong Kong was the lead market, followed by Singapore and Malaysia. Click here to find the report (in the BPR Library, under Export).

Lovocados set sail for Asia. 21/6/2021

Costa Avocados sent their first ever sea-freight container of avocados to Asia in May, in a major milestone for a Food Agility CRC project. It was Costa’s first avocado sea freight shipment, and was dispatched from Brisbane, arriving in Singapore in June. Read more at Food Agility CRC.

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Sign up for the regular email updates on avocado export related news and grants. Email your contact details to to be subscribed. (Note, you must be a participant in the Australian avocado industry to subscribe.)

Image from: SQ spray field day, Boardman

Hands on, practical spray days planned

A series of hands on, practical workshops on the coverage, calibration and timing of sprays are planned across the nation’s avocado growing regions, as part of AV19001. Organised by EE Muir, presenter Donald Thorp will run participants through setting up an orchard sprayer to adequately protect their crop. Growers should, in fact, calibrate their sprayers on an annual basis. Coverage for sprays will be measured in-field using extension poles and water sensitive paper. At the NSW events, NSW DPI will present on pest and disease control for avocado growers, covering pest identification, damage, cultural, biological and chemical controls. Factsheets will be provided in other states. 

Numbers are strictly limited to 30 per event.


Pest management workshops

How to get the best use out of the currently available control options. As part of Hort Innovation project Review and extension of avocado pests and their management (AV19001) pest management workshops are now being offered to growers and agronomists interested in learning more about managing invertebrate pests in avocados. The workshops run for about two hours and include a presentation on pest management options followed by a discussion on the pros and cons of current practice. The main emphasis of the workshops is developing a management strategy that deals with all pests of concern for those participating in the workshop. If you would like more information, please contact Jessica by at or phone: 0408 308 809.



21 Jul – Avocado spray workshop, Mareeba NQ

27 Jul – Avocado spray workshop, Childers CQ

29 Jul – Avocado spray workshop, Hampton SQ

3-4 Aug – AvoSkills workshop, QDAF, Bundaberg Q

4-5 Aug – Fruit Growers Victoria Conference, Shepparton & Ardmona V

18 Aug – Fresh Produce Safety Conference, Sydney

24 Aug – Avocado spray workshop, Alstonville NSW

25 Aug – Avocados Australia Member Breakfast, Atherton NQ

25 Aug – Avocado Regional Forum, Atherton NQ

26 Aug – Avocado spray workshop, Stuarts Point NSW

1 Spt – Avocado spray workshop, WA

28-29 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, online

10 Nov – National Biosecurity Forum, Canberra/online



13-16 Feb – Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Gold Coast Q

15-16 Feb – evoke AG, Perth, WA

6 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong

7-9 Spt – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong

Horticulture Innovation Australia
Guacamole has been funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.