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Avocados Australia Guacamole 29 November 2019
Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Take the BPR survey

The Best Practice Resource (BPR) was developed to assist growers and industry members implement best management practices in their orchard. But does it answer your questions? Take a 5-minute coffee break and help us understand if the BPR provides the cutting-edge advantage. You could win one of six $100 cash cards in time for Christmas.

Hort Innovation

Annual General Meeting: Hort Innovation

A new member has joined the Hort Innovation board after the organisation’s AGM in Sydney last week. Jan Vydra joins the board, and Paul Harker and Robert Clark have retained their positions.

In the orchard in Central Queensland

Successful CQ event

Almost 100 growers and industry members were in Central Queensland this week, for the latest Avocado Regional Forum, in Childers. The event had an irrigation focus, and included a tour of a nearby orchard.

Australian Avocados

Avocados offer silly season assistance

Did you know avocados can help speed up your recovery if you’ve been a bit too silly, in the festive season? Australian dietitian and nutritionist Lyndi Cohen, who supported the Australian Avocados' Avotherapy event in Sydney, told readers of Australian Men’s Health that along with drinking plenty of water, toast, caffeine and pickles, having an avocado snack could help by replacing lost potassium. Men’s Health has a readership of 389,000. Australian Avocados marketing activities are managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

The Avocado Directory
What's new in the BPR?
Log into the BPR

New global market reports available

Two new global market reports have just been dropped into the BPR Library, under the Export heading. The two new global market data analysis reports prepared by Fresh Intelligence Consulting (Avocado Producers & Market Suppliers 2019 and Avocado Import Markets 2019) provide up-to-date details on the world’s import markets and the international industry’s producers and exporters.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource.

You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.

Avocados Australia administers ANVAS so growers have access to healthy avocado trees
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Have your say on horticultural sustainability

Hort Innovation is inviting all people interested in horticulture to share their thoughts on the sustainability of fruit, vegetable, nut, cut flowers, turf and nursery production in Australia. The short, 10 minute survey will help industry to understand and respond to the issues that are most important to you. Click here to take the survey, and click here to read more about the initiative.

Victorian labour hire extension. 29/11/19.

Victoria’s Labour Hire Authority received 3,841 applications during its transition to the new scheme. The transition period has ended, but the Authority says if complete applications are submitted by midnight on 31 December (and there is no evidence of non-compliance) it will not pursue enforcement actions against providers or hosts. Read more.

ATO to appeal backpacker tax ruling. 26/11/19.

The Australian Taxation Office will appeal a Federal Court ruling against the validity of the federal government's controversial backpacker tax. Read more at news.com.au.

Pollinator grant focusses on avocados. 22/11/19.

A new the Western Australian-based project will use innovative methods to identify insect pollinators, how well they pollinate avocado flowers and whether they pollinate across a whole orchard. Funded by the Australian Government and run by the South West Catchments Council, the project focusses on pollinators and farm resilience. Click here to read more. And WA growers can take a SWCC survey here on the role of pollinators and vegetation.

Agricultural levies legislation survey. 22/11/19.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture is currently streamlining and modernising the legislation associated with the levy system. The Department is currently asking for feedback on proposed changes via a survey you can find here.

NSW: waste levy waived for bushfire clean-up. 19/11/19.

The NSW Government has waived the waste levy fee for residents disposing of bushfire generated waste in areas across NSW that have been declared bushfire Natural Disaster Areas. Read more here.

Chemical review of neonicotinoids. 19/11/19.

The AVPMA has started a reconsideration of certain neonicotinoid active constituent approvals, product registrations, and associated label approvals on the basis of potential risks to the environment and to ensure safety instructions on products meet contemporary standards. Click here to read more.

Scholarships & internships in horticulture

The Costa avocado scholarship offers $15K for commencing students studying a Bachelor of Agriculture through Charles Sturt University. Applications close 5 February 2020, click here

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Mexico: rain disrupts production. 27/11/19.

The Aventajada avocado crop in Michoacán will soon be winding down for the year, to be replaced by the Norami crop for the winter. Rain has disrupted production somewhat, leading to a lighter crop than usual, growers say. Read more in FreshPlaza.

EU: Germany’s imports increase fivefold. 25/11/19.

Germany’s avocado imports have increased fivefold in the past decade. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Avocados From Mexico promotes industry. 25/11/19.

On the back of repeated news about the negatives of the Mexican avocado industry, Avocados from Mexico seems keen to share news about its environmental commitments. Read more in The Produce News.

Boosting Colombian production. 25/11/19.

Westfalia plans to ramp up production in Colombia, Fresh Fruit Portal reports. And Camposol exported its first Colombian Hass this month. Read more in FreshPlaza.

Peru: Camposol works to reduce water use. 22/11/19.

Camposol says its work to reduce its water footprint is part of its strategy to reduce the impact on agricultural ecosystems. Read more in Americafruit.

Kenya halts exports to ensure mature fruit. 20/11/19.

The Kenyan government has instituted an export ban to curb harvesting of immature crops. Read more in Business Daily Africa.

A summary of all the latest export news

New reports released

As mentioned above, two new international market reports have just been added to the Best Practice Resource Library, under the Export heading. The global trade in avocados reported by UN Comtrade in 2018 was 2.48 million tonnes worth AU$8.1 billion equivalent. Australia has a small but growing role in the international trade, which continues to be dominated by Mexico. The new reports include import and export data tables, graphs and relevant commentary on avocado importing and exporting countries, particularly those of interest to Australia. Log into the BPR to read the full reports.

Working with overseas retailers important

A key opportunity for the Australian export industry is working with retailers to better display and promote Australian fruit, according to Western Australian exporter Jennie Franceschi. Ms Franceschi and Antony Allen from The Avolution attended this year’s Asia Fruit Logistica with support from the avocado export project. “My take home from all retail outlets (in Hong Kong), is there is more work to be done when it comes to presenting and merchandising avocados,” Ms Franceschi said. Read more on our website.

Export cost recovery engagement sessions. 28/11/19.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture is holding sessions in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and by teleconference. Melbourne was today. The Department is revising its exports cost recovery arrangements to ensure their ongoing financial sustainability and to reflect the current regulatory business model. Click here read more on the sessions and draft materials.

New export grants announced. 28/11/19.

Australian farmers and agricultural producers may get help to tap into dynamic overseas markets through a $1.5 million grant opportunity supporting stronger trade relationships. ATMAC applications close on 31 January 2020. To apply visit the grant hub: www.grants.gov.au.

Agreements with Indonesia, Peru and Hong Kong progressing. 26/11/19.

The Australian Government this week passed enabling legislation for various free trade deals. Once enacted, tariffs on avocados to Indonesia will be removed in 2026, and most of Peru’s horticulture tariffs will be removed when that agreement comes into force. Read more.

Australia on track for new digital export processes. 22/11/19.

The Australian Government expects a new system to replace paper documentation in relation to export certification to be replaced by digital system by mid-2020. Read more.

The wide, wide world of avocado news
Avocados Australia Chair Kim Kochi is an eagle-eyed avocado shopper

While doing a bit of Christmas shopping this week, our intrepid Avocados Australia Chair Jim Kochi discovered the wide range of avocado-themed gifts available at Peter Alexander (including games and some PJs) and Jay Jays. But there's avocado everywhere for the season, many Etsy stores, tea towels, tree ornaments and more ornaments, more PJs, avo socks, pillowcases, water bottles, and honestly, too much to include! What have you spotted in the shops?


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