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Avocados Australia Guacamole 21 December 2018

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Australian avocados in Japan

It is hoped last week's launch of market access for Australian avocados in Japan can pave the way for more regions in future. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said access was currently for hard mature Hass from fruit fly free areas (Western Australia, parts of South Australia’s Riverland and Tasmania) but it was hoped the successful protocol could be expanded in future. “With expectations of about 115,000 tonnes of production per year by 2025, it’s important that we develop and support our international markets, as well as our important domestic base,” Mr Tyas said.


Australian Avocados pipped for Ad of the Year

Unfortunately, the Australian Avocados 2018 ad missed out on being crowed Mumbrella’s Ad of the Year this week, with Myer the winner in the industry poll. The “avos make everything better” ad was the Mumbrella Ad of the Month in May. By December, it was up against not just Myer but also Apple, AFL, Westpac, Honda, Budget Direct and Volkswagen.


Giving consumers confidence

The aim of the 2018 public relations campaign was to give less frequent avocado buyers the confidence to purchase more avocados more often by reminding, educating and inspiring them with selecting/storing hacks, health tips and mouth-watering recipes because avocados make everything better! The industry's marketing is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

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Potential impact of imports from Chile and Peru

The final report for Potential Impact of Chilean and Peruvian Avocado Imports for the Australian Avocado Industry (AV17004) is now available in the R&D Reports section of the Best Practice Resource Library. Importantly, this report includes recommendations for the industry to mitigate any potential impacts.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.


Export air cargo security changes.

On 1 March 2019, export air cargo, regardless of destination, will need to be examined at piece-level or originate from a Known Consignor. Click here for more information.

Permit extension for Ectropis looper control
The AVPMA has extended the PER14597 permit for the control of Ecrtropis looper in New South Wales and Queensland until 31 March 2022. The permit had been due to expire next year. Click here to view the permit. 

Asian grocery market growing rapidly. 14/12/18.
The Australian grocery market is expected to reach US$111.8 billion in sales by 2023 but the big growth is in Asia, where a 28% growth is expected in the same period.

From circus to avocado farm. 13/12/18.
Circus stars Christy Shelper and DJ Garner knew nothing about avocados — or farming — when they landed on an orchard in the Byron hinterland in northern New South Wales.

Expanding supplies make WA avo ice cream viable. 10/12/18.
The idea for dairy free avocado ice cream was first developed three years ago, but it’s only been in the last year that supplies have increased enough to make the venture, using imperfect avocados, viable.

Fruit fly found at Loxton, South Australia. 7/12/18.
Seven male Queensland fruit flies have been found in the Loxton area of South Australia’s Riverland. A 1.5-kilometre outbreak area and 15-kilometre suspension area have been established around the detection point and quarantine restrictions apply.


Kenyan government giving out avocado trees. 13/12/18.
The government plans to start distributing millions of free avocado and macadamia seedlings in efforts to help farmers diversify. It is keen to tap into already secured markets in Asia.

Consumers urged to wash avocados. 12/12/18.
The US Food and Drug Administration released a report earlier in December that found Listeria monocytogenes bacteria on more than 17% of the avocados skins it sampled between 2014 and 2016. Roughly 0.2% of the avocados had Listeria living within the meat of the fruit itself.

Colombia: cocaine found in avocado shipment. 12/12/18.
More than one ton of cocaine, reportedly valued at US $40 million, was found in a shipment of Colombian avocados in the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

ProHass planning China campaign for 2019. 11/12/18.
“Introducing a new product to a person's diet is complicated, which is why we carry out promotional activities,” ProHass’ Arturo Medina says.

Mission Produce steps up promotion of second tier fruit. 11/12/18.
Emeralds in the Rough are two or three-pound bags of grade 2, lightly-blemished avocados, that sell at a lower retail price point.

UK avocado sales increasing, not declining. 10/12/18.
In the UK alone, avocado sales have grown by 26% in the last year and across Europe over 600 million kilos have been consumed in 2018, the World Avocado Organization says in response to news reports last week of cafes removing the fruit from menus.

Demand from China linked to Latin American droughts. 10/12/18.
In recent years, imports of “butter fruit”, as it is known in China, have risen fast; almost all come from Latin America. However, in Mexico, Chile and Peru the surge in exports has been accompanied by conflict over water resources and deforestation, which is creating environmental concern.


Avocados Australia holiday closures

The Avocados Australia office will be closed for the festive season. The office will be closed from Monday, 24 December, re-opening on Monday, 7 January 2019.



24 Dec – Avocados Australia office closes for Christmas

7 Jan – Avocados Australia office reopens
6-8 Feb – Fruit Logistica Berlin 
5-8 Mar – Foodex Japan 2019, Makuhari Messe, Chiba
5-6 Jun – Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative R&D Symposium, Brisbane Q
24-26 Jun – Hort Connections, Melbourne VIC
3 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong 
4-6 Spt – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
23-27 Spt – IX World Avocado Congress, Colombia

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