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Avocados Australia Guacamole 25 January 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the Guacamole newsletter for 2019! Get all the latest avocado industry news at your fingertips every fortnight.

Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas (headshot)

Australians still love their avocado

Avocados Australia has told FreshPlaza there is no evidence of a reduced demand trend for avocados, rather it has been increasing year by year. Domestic demand for Australian avocados continues to be steady, with Australians consuming 3.5kg of avocado per person in 2017/18, off the back of a steady upward trend for the past 20 years.

Hands holding avocados

Most households purchase avocados

The industry now has access to quarterly reports on fresh avocado sales in Australia. Provided by Nielsen, these reports are funded through the avocado R&D levy program. More than 70% of Australian households are purchasing avocados as part of their weekly shop, according to the latest data, for the 52 weeks ending 1 December 2018.

Avocados Australia Chair Jim Kochi (headshot)

NQ expecting 4 million trays

Atherton grower and Avocados Australia chairman, Jim Kochi said he expected more than four million trays would be picked in the north alone. Growers in Mareeba, Dimbulah and Atherton Tablelands are preparing to start picking Shepards at the moment.

Avocados Australia Data Analyst Daniel Martins

New avocado data analyst

Avocados Australia now has a new Data Analyst, Daniel Martins, replacing Sue Plunkett-Cole who moved on to another role late last year. We thank Sue for her commitment to the role and the improvements she made to our data reporting, in particular. Daniel will oversee our highly valued data collection, analysis and reporting activities working closely with Amanda Madden who has held the fort for Infocado during the staff transition.

Australian Avocados logo

Consumers love their avocados

Australian Avocados has an “always on” approach to social media, ensuring avocados remain top of mind for consumers. In January, the Australian Avocados Facebook and Instagram have shared recipes, tips and nutrition information. The industry's marketing is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy.

Guac_avo stockshot 2 135x150

Survey: grower knowledge of tissue culture

You are invited to complete a short 10-minute survey that asks a series of questions, in order to capture views, knowledge, experiences and perceptions around the potential role of tissue culture technology for the avocado industry. Your participation is anonymous and will enable future research to understand and support industry needs.

Guac_BPR 135x150

Export reports updated

Two of the global market reports in the BPR Library have been updated. India, Taiwan and Vietnam had been added to the countries outlined in the Import Markets report. This report provides the latest on the various import markets, from Asia to Europe including key markets for Australian avocado suppliers. Some information in the Avocado Producers and Suppliers report, providing an overview of the world’s major producers and market suppliers, has also been updated. Together, these reports provide useful information about avocado global market opportunities, competitor supply times, volumes and prices. The reports can be found in the Export section of the BPR Library.

The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.


Hort Innovation strategic consultation. 22/1/19.
Hort Innovation is calling on industry stakeholders to get involved and provide their input on the direction of the new corporate strategy. Click here for a list of workshops & the online feedback form.

Incentives for avocado growers in reef catchments. 25/1/19.
Avocado growers located in a Queensland reef catchment to apply for a $5,000 cash payment to make on-farm practice changes for improved reef water quality. Eligible on-farm projects target improvements to irrigation to reduce run-off, improvements to fertigation to reduce losses, erosion control and management to stop loss of sediment, and changes to chemical application to prevent drift. Incentives are available until June 2019, or when funding runs out.

Riverland loses PFA status with China. 14/1/19.
The South Australian Riverland region temporary lost its Pest Free Area (PFA) status for its trade with China at the start of this year, after a Queensland fruit fly outbreak at Loxton in December 2018. Fresh fruit from the Riverland with existing market access (this does not include avocados as yet) must now undergo an approved phytosanitary treatment prior to export.


Peru planting additional 2,000ha. 23/1/19.
The additional acreage will take Peru’s planted area to 33,000 hectares, with almost all production destined for export markets because of the small domestic demand.

Rabobank says EU summer price dip not a one off. 23/1/19.
The EU market had some difficulties absorbing the huge spike in summer volumes. Although the market still has potential to grow, periods of market irregularities will become more common.

New Colombian export plant its biggest. 22/1/19.
A new Hass avocado export operation in Colombia will have the largest production capacity in the country. The plant is a partnership between South African and Chilean companies Westfalia and Agricom.

US: drones can identify laurel wilt. 22/1/19.
Multispectral cameras can detect laurel wilt on avocado trees says the University of Florida, an approach that costs less than manually trying to detect the pathogen.

Avocado clash costly for Costa Rica. 21/01/19.
Mexico’s push to regain access to Costa Rica via the World Trade Organization could cost Costa Rica $US500,000. Mexico is apparently in favour of returning to how imports were carried out pre-2015.

Philippines interested in Singapore market. 20/1/19.
With Singapore currently importing avocados from Australia, the Philippines says this is already a good sign for participation in the Singaporean market.

WAO teams with Michelin France. 18/1/19.
After the collaboration between the World Avocado Organization (WAO) and Michelin in the UK, the avocado will now join the 2019 Michelin Revelation in France. Avocados are the first fresh produce product to be invited to collaborate with the Michelin Guide. WAO has also unveiled some health tips for January.

China imports & domestic growing. 15/1/19.
China has become the ninth largest importer of avocados in the world, with purchases that amounted to US$107 million in 2017. Chile supplied 50% of the shipments. Industry insiders say domestic avocados could replace imports in three to five years.

Extending avocado shelf life. 14/1/19.
Mission Produce and Hazel Technologies have announced a collaboration to extend the shelf life of avocados, using Hazel’s packaging inserts.

South Africa chasing new markets. 11/1/19.
South Africa is expecting some progress on access to the US and Chinese markets in 2019 for avocados.

Other avocado news

A friend of Meghan Markle (AKA the Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex) posted an Instagram snap of her efforts as the “Avocado Whisperer” and it’s been worldwide news. Waitrose in the UK is bringing back the avocado Easter egg, and adding baby chocolate avocados and vegan jelly avocados to the range. In New Zealand, 428 people managed to injure themselves while preparing an avocado in 2018, up from 402 in 2017 and 374 in 2016.

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6-8 Feb – Fruit Logistica Berlin 
5-8 Mar – Foodex Japan 2019, Makuhari Messe, Chiba
5-6 Jun – Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative R&D Symposium, Brisbane Q
24-26 Jun – Hort Connections, Melbourne VIC
3 Spt – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong 
4-6 Spt – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
23-27 Spt – IX World Avocado Congress, Colombia
11-13 Nov – TropAg2019, Brisbane Q

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