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Avocados Australia Guacamole 18 April 2017

New Guacamole Format

Welcome to the new look Guacamole newsletter, developed alongside Avocados Australia's new website.  Get all the latest avocado industry news at your fingertips every fortnight!  We hope you like it - and with even more new improvements to come!

supply chain directory

New Industry BPR - Supply Chain Directory

Avocados Australia's new website features a new Supply Chain Directory - soon to be the Australian avocado growers one-stop-shop for businesses who provide goods and services. Read "Apply Now" for more information including an introductory offer for businesses who apply now!

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Get social with Avocados Australia!

Avocados Australia's new social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter are giving avocado grower followers real-time information and news at their fingertips! Hear the news as it breaks!  Like/Follow us today and turn notifications on for our posts to stay informed.  

el nino watch

El Nino Watch

The Bureau of Meteorology has revealed there is around a 50% chance of an El Nino developing in the second half of this year, counting for twice the normal likelihood. Read more on the BOM website and Queensland Country Life.

young food innovators

Young Food Innovators Program

Applications close 28 April 2017 for the Young Food Innovators Program, a 12-month accelerated development program for young people working in horticulture and other primary producer sectors. For more information go to Young Food Innovators Flyer.

Australian Avocados

Avocado Marketing Update

For the latest Hort Innvoation avocado marketing update on social media and the Sydney Easter show digital advertising read more.


Avocado grower study group workshops

Come along to an avocado growers' study group workshop near you hosted by Simon Newett, QDAF and get the knowledge you need to implement practices that will lead to more consistent high yields of good-quality avocados.

hort connections2

Hort Connections 15-17 May, Adelaide

Combining the National Horticulture Convention and PMA Fresh Connections, Hort Connections 2017 brings together the largest number of growers, supply chain members, government stakeholders and industry service providers in the Australian horticulture industry. For more information click here.

Women in Horticulture Networking Event @ Hort Connections

The Women in Horticulture event will celebrate the significant contributions of women in horticulture and provide insights from leading women in Australian business. WHEN: 17 May 2017, 2:00pm – 4:30pm. More information here.


Elevated El Nino risk remains.  17/04/2017.    
Chances of an El Nino developing later in the year remain elevated according to the latest assessment from Australia’s government weather agency.  In its latest outlook, the Bureau of Meteorology said there was around a 50% chance of...


Study confirms everything you already love about avocados.  11/04/2017.
Validation at last if you’re that person who adds avocado to toast, sandwiches and salads because it’s so good for you: a new health review has confirmed they are indeed the best.  A trio of Italian researchers pored over multiple studies...


Costa Group Soars After Goldman Sachs Lifts Target 27%.  10/04/2017.
Australian horticultural play Costa Group (CGC.AU) is the top performer in the S&P/ASX200 Index this morning, jumping 5.3% after Goldman Sachs raised its price target by 27%.  The big lift in the price target comes after the broker...


Superfoods have a dark side, but here’s something you can do about that.  07/04/2017.  As our taste for avocado, quinoa and coconut grows, so does the potential to harm producers and planet. Here’s how we can make a difference. You’re trying to do your bit. Maybe you’ve cut down on your meat intake...


Aussie avocados, blueberries seem to “dodge bullet” after heavy weather.  06/04/2017. General indications from the sectors are that negative effects of the cyclone itself and the resulting weather have been relatively minor, with potential fungus growth among the key concerns.  Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas...


High-tech mapping, robots and drones aid Cyclone Debbie crop response. 03/04/2017.  An Australian crop mapping project is already proving its worth in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, allowing industry and government to better assess damages and help with response and recovery. Produced using a range...


New program director to coordinate plant biosecurity science.  30/03/2017. Following the recent announcement that plant rural research and development corporations (RDCs) have agreed to work more closely together to maximise opportunities for collaboration, Hort Innovation and Plant Health Australia (PHA)...


Avocados demonstrate the success of NAFTA.  13/04/2017.
Mexicans and Americans reap the benefits of free trade.  Super bowl Sunday is a football game and thousands of tons of God's gift to western civilization, guacamole, AKA mashed ripe avocado, lemon juice, crushed garlic, diced...


The Hass Horn: Avocado scarcity endures ahead of Cinco de Mayo. 12/04/2017. Since 2007, when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) finally and fully annulled an 80-plus year prohibition on the importation of Mexican avocados, the consumption trend for avocados in the USA has risen at...


Peru’s pain may be South Africa’s gain this avocado season.  11/04/2017.  
A combination of an early finish to Chile’s season and supply issues in Peru has led to a strong European market for South African avocados in the opening stages of the campaign, according to an exporter. 


Chile aims for South Korean avocado market access.  11/04/2017.
A Chilean public-private delegation recently held talks with South Korean authorities in a bid to speed up market access arrangements for the South American country’s avocados. 


Chile tripled avo exports to U.S. due to Mexican conflict, says industry rep. 10/04/2017.  Chile took advantage of the supply gap left in the U.S. avocado market last year as the result of a conflict in Mexico, according to an industry head. A row over prices between Mexican avocado growers and exporters in...


China: Mr Avocado Ripe Center opened in Shanghai.  10/04/2017.  
California-based Mission Produce’s joint venture with Lantao International in China has now taken on a fresh dimension with the incorporation of retailer Pagoda Stores, a new ripening centre and a new brand Mr Avocado.


Avocado and lime prices on the rise.  10/04/2017.   
In the last week of March, the avocado and lime had the highest increase in prices among staple food items; the latter went up 39 pesos ($2.09) in Monterrey while the former went up 70 pesos ($3.75) in Mérida.


Michoacán avo shippers turn to Europe.  06/04/2017.
Producers of the green gold are diversifying their export markets as volumes continue to increase.  Avocado exports from the Mexican state of Michoacán to Europe have grown by 422 per cent in the past six years according to figures...


First Peruvian sierra Hass avocados set sail for the Chinese market.  05/04/2017.  The first ever shipment of Hass avocados originating from Peru’s sierra region are heading off for the Chinese market, thanks to an alliance between a private company and a government entity.  


Overview Global avocado market.  03/04/2017.
April marks a transition in the supply of avocados. After Chile stops exporting, there is a gap in the market. South Africa and Peru are still unready to meet the huge demand, and this, in combination with the bad weather in Peru...

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