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Avocados Australia Guacamole 18 August 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of Guacamole. Get all the latest avocado industry news at your fingertips every fortnight!

Jim Kochi - Board Member

Winter prices remain strong for avocados

The traditional winter price drop for avocados has failed to materialise this year, says Avocados Australia Chair Jim Kochi. Mr Kochi says as well as a generally tighter supply, he puts the change down to consumers extending their uses of avocado, and having confidence in using the fruit in a variety of dishes and meals, regardless of the weather.


Pollinator research & protection vital for industry

Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas says news of a potential shortage of bee pollinators in Western Australia underscores the industry’s support for ongoing pollination research. “New funding announced this week for the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program is welcome, as is ongoing research about the pollinators active in avocado orchards,” Mr Tyas said. The latest Talking Avocados featured several pollination research stories, including the latest on a project utilising remote sensing.

Australian Avocados

Marketing our Australian avocados

As part of Hort Innovation’s levy-funded marketing activity for the industry, Australian Avocados has recently worked with popular satirical news website The Betoota Advocate to publish two articles. The partnership leveraged the publication’s voice and social influence for avocados, and lightened the conversation around consumer gripes. 

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Kaila's going bush

After 4.5 years in the Atherton Tablelands horticulture industry, Kaila Ridgway is trading her ‘Horti Cap’ for her ‘Cowgirl Akubra’. “Although I am sad to leave my role as Queensland DAF’s Development Horticulturist, I am very excited to take on my new challenge of assisting in running my partners’ Cape York cattle station.” Kaila’s last update on ambrosia beetles will appear in the next Talking Avocados.

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What do you think of this newsletter? Let us know!

Avocados Australia is calling on industry stakeholders to complete our Online Communication Survey ‐ this enters you into the draw to win $500! We want to know your views, what is important to you and how we can do the best job of providing you with industry-relevant information. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey has been extended; the prize winner will be announced in Guacamole.


Have you seen the new Avocado Directory?

Avocados Australia is now welcoming listing applications from industry stakeholders for the new Avocado Directory. The directory allows easy access to all sorts of businesses that play a role in the avocado industry. Whether you are a buyer or seller of products or services, this directory can help you. 


Educational materials available

You don’t need to be registered for the Best Practice Resource to order education materials of relevance to your orchard, retail outlet, packhouse or event. Avocados Australia, in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries and others, have developed a series of materials for avocados for use across the supply chain. You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.


You can see the available materials in the Education Materials section of the BPR Library.


Seasonal work incentives trial.

The Australian Government’s Seasonal Work Incentives Trial will help meet the seasonal labour demands of horticultural growers. The two-year trial offers financial incentives to support people to take up short term seasonal work.


Government targets illegal phoenix operators.

The ATO is currently targeting illegal phoenix operators associated with agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, in order to protect honest workers and businesses. Phoenix operators deliberately go into liquidation, potentially leaving growers liable.


Avocado burger concept reaches Australia. 17/08/17.
Back in January, the world lost its collective mind over the opening of an avocado-only restaurant in Amsterdam. Now, the photogenic avocado burgers have made their way to the Fremantle Markets in Perth.


Sydney’s smashed avo divide. 13/08/17.

A paper exploring Sydney's "avo-economics" by Sydney University geography students points to a class dimension in the city's smashed avocado market. Their data suggests the price and availability of avocado meals peaks where house prices and incomes are high.


Australia tagged as strong investment target. 09/08/17.

Australia, along with Brazil and North America, were cited as key agricultural investment destinations during the annual Global AgInvesting conference held in New York recently.


Fruit & vegie bouquets reach Australia. 09/08/17.

Choosing an arrangement of avocados over roses may seem strange to some, but it is the creative idea one South Australian business is hoping appeals to Australians. The concept is strong in Asia, with hopes it will also be popular here


Michoacan exports to Japan fall 32 percent. 17/08/17.
Avocado exports from Michoacan, Mexico, to Japan have fallen by 32 percent so far this year when compared to the same period last year, according to reports from the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado (APEAM).


New Zealand responds to avocado production concerns. 15/08/17.

The New Zealand Herald this week warned readers their avocado habit was hurting the environment in Mexico where production has led to wide scale deforestation and potential human health impacts. Read New Zealand Avocado's response here.


Darling Group begins NZ avocado campaign. 14/08/17.

The Darling Group plans to make the best of a challenging situation, the looming lower volume season. New Zealand is expecting an export crop of up to 2.4 million trays, a drop of 50 percent.


Colombian avocados given access to US market. 13/08/17.

Colombian Hass avocados have been given access to the US market, potentially doubling the country’s exports. Colombia is already the world’s 3rd largest avocado exporter. The country's avocado exports went from $171,000 in 2011 to $35 million in 2016.


More Peruvian avocados despite El Nino. 11/08/17.

Increased acreage has offset climatic challenges for Peruvian avocados, leading to a normal production peak between April and June. This is despite flooding and infrastructure damage earlier in the year.


New Zealand claims their avocados have special properties. 09/08/17.

New Zealand researchers have discovered avocados grown in the country boast unique nutritional qualities, with double the amount of vitamin B6 and 20 percent more folate than those grown in other nations.


US: organic avocado sales continue upward trend. 09/08/17.

Avocado growers are finding that sales of organic fruit seem to be edging upward every season. The Hass Avocado Board estimates there are 60 million to 80 million pounds of organic avocados consumed in the US annually.


Only 16 percent of Britain’s over-40s have tried avocado. 09/08/17.

A new report has thrown up a surprising statistic: only 16 percent of over-40s in Britain have eaten an avocado. The nationwide study questioned 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 59.


Tesco adds Zilla Eggs to avocado offerings. 08/08/17.

An egg box of six small Hass avocados marketed as Zilla Eggs have gone on sale alongside the Avozilla. The move will mean Tesco can take more of a crop by selling smaller avocados than normal.


Are ready-to-eat avocados an inevitable trend in China? 07/08/17.

Industry giants have indicated a trend switch in retail from unripe avocados to pre-ripened in China. However, challenges still exist within the supply chain and there are barriers related to cost and technology.

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Avocado Study Group Workshops

All growers! Come along to an avocado study group workshop hosted by Simon Newett, QDAF, for access to knowledge that will lead to more consistent high yields of good-quality avocados.


Free seminars with Dr Avner Silber

International irrigation and fertiliser expert Dr Avner Silber is returning to Australia to present at a series of seminars from Mareeba to Renmark in September.

  • Monday 4 September, Mareeba Football Club
  • Tuesday 5 September, Exchange Hotel, Kilcoy
  • Wednesday 6 September, Cordalba Hotel Bundaberg/Childers
  • Thursday 7 September, Renmark Club

These free events are hosted by Haifa and Netafim; they all start at 4pm and finish at 6.30pm with a light meal/barbecue. For more information or to RSVP contact Netafim State Manager Jeremy Evans on 0417 584 581 or jeremy.evans@netafim.com or Haifa Agronomist Peter Anderson on 0459 488 850 or peter.anderson@haifa-group.com.



22 Aug – Growcom Hort Code workshop, Gayndah QLD
23 Aug – Growcom Hort Code workshop, Bundaberg QLD
24 Aug – Growcom Hort Code workshop, Gatton QLD
24 Aug – Plant Biosecurity CRC wind dispersed pest workshop, Cairns QLD
31 Aug – Growcom Hort Code workshop, Stanthorpe QLD
6-8 Sept – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
12 Oct – North Qld Study Group
2 Nov – CNSW Study Group
16 Nov – CQ Study Group
30 Nov – South Qld Study Group

18-20 June - Hort Connections 2018

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