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Avocados Australia Guacamole 25 May 2018

Australia gains access to Japanese market

Australian Hass avocados now have access to the Japanese market, Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud announced yesterday. New protocols have been released, providing access for hard mature Hass avocados. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas says avocados must be sourced from areas officially recognised as free of Queensland fruit fly – Western Australia, Riverland (South Australia) and Tasmania. “Avocados Australia will be working with the Federal department when the accreditation application call is released in the coming weeks.”


Over-time concerns for horticulture

In a continuation of the four year review of the Horticultural Award, Voice of Horticulture is now lobbying to prevent the industry form being negatively impacted by possible new overtime rules. Voice of Horticulture is concerned the final decision of the Fair Work Commission could result in significantly higher on-farm labour costs, if it is implemented as it is currently drafted. For an example of how the changes, as currently drafted, may apply, APAL has prepared two examples: click to read those here.

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Demand increases for avocado operations

Herron Todd White has reported a significant increase in demand for avocado properties recently, after steady demand for the last 12-18 months. “Our general research supports the belief that over recent years there has been a substantial upswing in plantings, much of which is still to achieve full productivity,” the report says. “The next two to three years will be a very important time for the industry to see how the expected upswing in supply will find a suitable market.”


RSVP for your nearest regional avocado update!

Next up on the regional meeting schedule are Mareeba, Stuarts Point and Childers. These meetings are a chance for you to hear the latest industry updates, developments with avocado imports and exports, supply chain quality improvements and to receive a free copy of the new best practice guide.


Avocados in strong supply

Australian supplies are forecast to be strong through until the end of June at least, Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas said after the West Australia regional meeting. “Now is a great time to be an avocado consumer," Mr Tyas says. "Not only will there be plenty of quality fruit in the market, some of our regions are going to be delivering larger fruit, with sizing up due to more rain in the growing season and an earlier maturity. Consumers can look forward to not just a good supply of fruit, but a good supply of larger fruit.”


Attend the 2018 Irrigation Australia expo for free!

As a media partner for this event, Avocados Australia has one (1) free conference registration to offer one avocado industry member. If you are interested in attending, please email Lisa Yorkston on co@avocado.org.au with 50 words about how attending will benefit your industry activities. Applications close 30 May 2018. Avocados Australia will also assist with the costs of travel and accommodation. Click here to read the program.
Avocados Australia has secured a 10% discount for members using the code AVOCADO.
When: 13-15 June
Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney
Exhibition entry: free
Register: http://iaice.com.au


Check out the new avocado ad!

The television ad for the avocado industry’s new three-year marketing campaign has launched! The overarching theme of the new campaign is 'Avocados make everything better – Smash an Avo'. The industry’s marketing activities are funded by your grower levies. See the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian Avocados.


Pollination survey open

According to scientists, flies and beetles can play a significant role in avocado pollination but how relevant do you think their findings are to your orchard? Maybe honeybees are the only pollinator that you can depend on? Researchers from Plant & Food Research would appreciate your thoughts on the pollinators of your orchards by completing a short online survey. It takes just a few minutes.


Avocado Directory: your business directory

The Avocado Directory allows easy access to all sorts of businesses that play a role in the avocado industry. Whether you are a buyer or seller of products or services, this directory can help you.

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New supply chain resources available

Exciting new resources have been developed for the avocado industry: Avocado Best Practice Guide, Avocado Fruit Quality Problem Solver, Avocado Supply Chain checklists, Avocado stages of ripeness chart, and the Avocado Post-Harvest Review. The aim of the supply chain-focussed material is to increase awareness of the post-harvest factors affecting avocado quality, and ensure the supply of consistent, high-quality fruit to consumers. You can find the new resources at the top of the BPR Library’s Education Materials section. Hard copies of these resources are also available at the 2018 Avocados Australia Regional Meetings.
The BPR is our free online one-stop-shop to support best practice throughout the Australian avocado supply chains. We encourage all of our stakeholders to register and access this vital resource. If you are already registered, log into the BPR and click on “What’s new on the BPR” on the welcome page.
You can log in (or request access!) via www.avocado.org.au/best-practice-resource/.


ATO targeting phoenix labour hire companies. 21/5/18.

The ATO is currently targeting illegal phoenix businesses in agriculture. The agriculture sector is heavily affected by illegal phoenix labour hire firms that deliberately go into liquidation, leaving behind debts and not paying workers entitlements.


Avocado grower on AgriFutures Ignite panel. 18/5/18.

North Queensland avocado farmer Jessica Fealy is one of 10 appointees to the new AgriFutures™ Ignite Advisory Panel. The panel will provide insights on issues critical to emerging and levied industries, and more broadly across agriculture in Australia.

Australian labelling snafu causes New Zealand angst. 16/5/18.

New Zealanders are facing avocado prices of up to $9/piece at the moment, which caused angst when some fruit being sold at $1.50 in Australia was incorrectly labelled as a product of New Zealand.


Mexican exports to China recover. 24/5/18.

Mexican avocado export volumes to China have recovered this season following a sharp year-on-year reduction in the previous campaign. APEAM expects the industry will have shipped nearly 16,000 metric tons (MT) by the time the season ends in June.

US: Mexican supplies expected to be consistent. 17/5/18.

Mission Produce is expecting lower and more consistent volumes from Mexico during the summer months as the country moves into the end of its crop cycle.

NZ: avocado exports worth $147.5 million. 16/5/18.

Avocado export demonstrated significant growth from $82 million in 2016 to $147 million in 2017, likely in part to the biennial nature of avocado production. In 2015 avocado export was valued at $115 million.

Colombia wants to win over Chinese market. 16/5/18.

Chile’s agriculture minister is visiting China, hoping to secure access for avocados, meat and other products.

Peru will produce 13% of global avocados. 15/5/18.

This year, the world will produce a record 3.1 million tons of avocado, says a rep from Mission Produce South America.

UK: hot weather boosts avo sales. 15/5/18.

Hot conditions credited with strong double-digit growth in a wide range of fruit lines for Waitrose, including a 14% increase in avocado sales. Prices in Europe have dropped thanks to “on years” for Peru and South Africa.



28 May – HARPS awareness session , Mildura VIC
29 May – HARPS awareness session , Robinvale VIC
31 May – Avocados Australia regional meeting, Mareeba Q
5 June – Avocados Australia regional meeting, Stuarts Point NSW
7 June – Avocados Australia regional meeting, Childers Q
13-15 Jun – Irrigation Australia International Conference, Sydney
18-20 June – Hort Connections 2018, Brisbane
2-4 Jul – Northern Australia Food Futures Conference, Darwin
23-25 Jul – New Zealand Horticulture Conference, Christchurch
29-31 Aug – New Zealand Avocado Conference, Tauranga
4 Sept – Asiafruit Congress, Hong Kong 
5-7 Sept – Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
8 Spt – Blackbutt Avocado Festival, Blackbutt, Q
26 Spt – Fresh Produce Safety Conference, Sydney
18-20 Oct – PMA Fresh Summit, Florida, USA

6-8 Feb – Fruit Logistica Berlin 
23-27 Spt – IX World Avocado Congress, Colombia

Horticulture Innovation Australia
Guacamole has been funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.