Advisory Panel prioritises R&D levy funded projects

On Thursday 2 May, the Production R&D and Market Development panels had a joint meeting to consider and prioritise 23 R&D funded investments for FY 24/25. The combined market development and production R&D panel group of 18 members provided information and the opportunity to ask questions on each investment. Panel members were then asked to individually prioritise each investment on it’s merits, level of investment and alignment to the strategic investment plan. The collated results will be used to guide Hort Innovation in the development of the annual investment plan which will outline the project investments for the upcoming financial year.

The Avocado Strategic Investment Plan is available to all industry members on the Hort Innovations website, along with the current Avocado Annual Investment Plan which outlines the project investments for FY23/24.

To support the panel in considering the strategic alignment, Hort Innovation provided an analysis of the current and past projects in regard to the current 2021-2026 Avocado Strategic Investment Plan. The graph below indicates the broad allocation of funds for each key strategic outcome:

If you would like further information on the Hort Innovation levy investment advisory process or more information about the current investments please contact Gemma Burger on 0458 650 876 or email




This article appeared as part of the Guacamole enewsletter – 20 May 2024 issue.

Author: Gemma Burger
Date Published: 20/05/2024