Australian Avocados Marketing Update 2022

About the marketing program

This is the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados. The industry’s marketing is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy. Hort Innovation develops consumer-focused promotions using a variety of mediums including social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as targeted partnerships with consumer-related publications and platforms.

Hort Innovation - Strategic Levy Investment (Avocado Fund)

Keep scrolling to see more great marketing activity in 2022.  And, if you are chasing some delicious avocado recipes, check out Australian Avocados.

Coles Magazine highlights AVOccasions – 27 Sept 2022

This month Coles’ Magazine includes a full page advertisement outlining how to “Make every meal an AVOccasion”. Featuring great images of meal ideas the advertisement shows how consumers can add an avo to make everyday meals better. They even include a QR code to direct interested consumers to great recipes online at the Australian Avocados website. You can access the magazine online here.

Hass avocados feature in ALDI Catalogue – 1 Sept 2022

ALDI’s catalogue, promoting what’s on sale 24-30 August, included a “Fresh for Brekky” double-page spread. Hass avocados were featured along with some great breakfast recipe ideas. 

July-August Marketing reaches out to grocery buyers! – 31 August 2022

The avocado levy funded marketing activity that took place through July-August included television, Out Of Home advertising, social marketing and video. Television advertising reached 2,384,000 of the total grocery buyers audience in the 5 capital cities. OOH delivered campaign messages on 1,122 panels including 242 bonus panels. Top performing social content attracted 21,770 engagements and a reach of 568,575. Video achieved 1,016,170 impressions targeting grocery buyers aged 25-54. Phase one PR coverage generated 70 pieces of coverage and reached approximately 42 million.  Marketing activity continues in September.

To view an overview of the PR and social activity that happened during July click here.


Social Competition in July achieves 811K impressions! – 8 August 2022


The results are now in from a Social Competition that ran during July. The competition aimed to encourage Aussies to get behind avocados whereby avocado fans had a chance to win $1,000 cash. Fans were encouraged to show how they use and enjoy avocados. There were 10 chances for people to win, helping to further encourage participation in the competition. The competition ran between 19 July – 31 July. The competition announcement posted to the Australian Avocados feed kicked off the competition and then this was boosted throughout the duration of the competition period. This achieved 811K impressions and an engagement rate of 4.95%. There featured some supportive content from the “Our Green Gold” ambassador Nazeem as well as influencers to help inspire and encourage Aussies to enter. This content drove an additional 500K+ impressions for the competition.

For more information about the competition click here.


Woolworths, IGA and ALDI plug National Avocado Day! – 3 August 2022

In July Woolworths, IGA and ALDI got into the spirit of National Avocado Day (held on 31 July) and promoted it in their various channels. Woolworths featured the day on their website and catalogue, IGA their catalogue and ALDI used their catalogue. Click here to see more.


Australian Avocados leverages the Commonwealth Games! – 2 August 2022

Following on from the success of the Olympics in 2021, Australian Avocados are leveraging the popularity of the Commonwealth Games to extend the Green Gold message association. Advertising scheduled during the games includes 64 Metro national TV Spots that will capitalise on the 2.4m audience eyeballs on free to air television. There will be 1 million impressions across 7 Plus on catch up TV (BVOD). The Tokyo Olympics delivered an audience of +61% of our booked audience and the Australian Avocados creative performed strongly and resonated with audiences winning the best ad of the Olympics. The Commonwealth Games advertising promises to be as successful and will run until Monday 8 August.

For more information click here..

Avocados July tactical campaign and activity – Great results to date!  – 31 July 2022

To date the July Tactical campaign has received amazing coverage and achieved a total reach of 56.5M+. The media have been talking to the key messages of abundance of Australian avocados, the great value right now and different usage occasions and recipes.

For more details about the July tactical campaign click here.

National Avocado Day marked in the latest ALDI Catalogue  – 31 July 2022

The latest ALDI Catalogue celebrates National Avocado Day on the front cover and with Hass avocados featuring on page 4 and 5. The Australian Avocados’ National Avocado Day badge appears on the front cover along with the “‘ave an Aussie Avo” message. The cover features an Aussie farmer, Brendon from Costa, holding some Hass avocados.

MasterChef Australia judge features on Australian Avocados’ Instagram feed – 16 July 2022

Jock Zonfrillo, the Scottish MasterChef Australia judge, featured on Australian Avocados Instagram feed recently to celebrate National Corn Fritter Day. Jock made fritters with avocado. Jock whipped up a quick fritter recipe and then diced some fresh avocado to accompany the dish. Jock and his easy cooking style made for an entertaining Instagram video. This social media content is happening as part of the marketing activity targeted for the month of July. This marketing activity is aimed at driving consideration to buy more Australian Avocados through all meal occasions and versatility of usage – they make every meal better! Jock’s video certainly demonstrated this point perfectly.

Find Australian Avocados on Instagram here.

Australian Avocados Radio ads for July! – 8 July 2022

The spots sound great and are a lot of fun – they deliver the key messages of great quality and abundance as well as highlight versality across different occasions. Activity will kick off with the 30” spot, to help launch officially unofficially sponsoring every day across July, followed by an even rotation of the 15” spots where we focus in on meal occasions and recipe inspiration. The anthemic soundtrack is a really nice tie to Our Green Gold and the TVC currently on air.

Radio commercials:

15 second Breakfast commercial

15 second Lunch commercial

15 second Dinner commercial


Australian Avocados marketing pivots plans to take advantage of current market conditions – 6 July 2022

After receiving feedback from a number of growers, The Hort Innovation marketing team working together with AAL has responded by rapidly putting together an incremental marketing campaign for Australian Avocados to coincide with the current challenges in the market. The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for avocados has now endorsed this incremental activity to support current market conditions and this article outlines the action that is going to be taken.

The new incremental tactical marketing initiative will help drive immediate awareness of the great value of Australian avocados available in abundance in the market right now, amidst the rising cost of living and fresh food prices. The incremental activity will also help drive consideration to buy more Australian avocados across all meal occasions by highlighting the versatility of usage that avocados make every meal better.

HIA looked for an incremental opportunity versus doing more of the same to ensure earned media can be achieved and a new thread of narratives can be picked up to generate media coverage. Hort Innovation worked with the CEO’s of our media and creative agency partners to identify a new opportunity for Australian Avocados.

The result was an opportunity to re-purpose the National Avocado Day campaign with an “abundance/value” narrative and build up coverage over the month of July through both paid and earned media. The campaign will use the “Green Gold spokesperson” Nazeem Hussain to draw high profile attention and to get Aussies involved in supporting Australian Avocados

The incremental campaign utilises radio, PR and social platforms and was launched on Monday 4 July to kick off the “Green Gold Month” of activities.  That’s right, Australian Avocados is officially unofficially sponsoring July and hi-jacking “Green & Gold” opportunities and moments over the course of the month. The activity will convert every opportunity into a purchase driver to buy more avocados and take advantage of avocados’ current great value. The campaign launched with a radio national announcement via Australian Traffic Network nationally and earned media through press release featuring grower interviews and recipes. Media personality Nazeem will then take part in sustained activity for the rest of July featuring across social media and PR. He will strive to get all Aussies onboard with using avocados across all meal occasions and encourage them to enter a competition by sharing how they enjoy their Avocados to win a prize on National Avocado Day (31st July). Pivoted activities will also involve retail outlets across digital and catalogues. With the incremental activity and existing activities across TV, OOH and digital, the Avocado industry can expect to benefit from dedicated avocado marketing activity for this Hass season.

To access more information about this incremental marketing activity click here.

Below are a number of Radio sound bites featuring Tamborine/Northern Rivers avocado grower, Tom Silver, talking about the current market conditions, what consumers should do to support Aussie growers, and his favourite avocado recipes:


Tom Silver – Talks about the current oversupply of avocados:

Tom Silver – Talks about the importance of buying local produce and supporting Aussie growers:

Tom Silver – Talks about how Aussies can join in on celebrations and find out more:

Tom Silver – Talks about his favourite avocado recipes:

Woolworths “Fresh Ideas Magazine” (July issue) features avocado in time for National Avocado Day (31 July)

Try avocado three ways. That’s the message readers will receive from the full page feature that appears in Fresh Ideas magazine for July 2022.

Hass are Back – Marketing for May through to July (May 2022)

Hass takes centre seat in the marketing campaign planned for May to July. The campaign will celebrate Hass being back on shelves with an awareness burst reminding Australians about Our Green Gold. The campaign will use television – Broadcaster video on demand and Linear TV – from 15 May and reach the full spectrum of Grocery Buyers. The role of this channel is to create awareness and increase consideration of Avocados. PR and media activity is being stepped up and social media content is highlighting quality Hass avocados. Outdoor signage will use both large format outdoor and retail outdoor. Retail outdoor formats will aim to drive consideration when the audience is at the point of purchase. The aim of the campaign is to utilise multiple campaign objectives with high impact creative in order to strengthen the Australian Avocado’s brand, promote the Hass variety and encourage frequency of consumption amongst our target audience. The campaign objectives are to 1) Generate awareness, 2) Target engagement: Encourage social conversation & engagement, and 3) Traffic: Drive people to site to consume recipe content.

Click here to view the Campaign summary.


Australian Avos partners with iconic Sydney café, Cuckoo Callay (March 2022)

Australian Avocados partners with iconic Sydney café, Cuckoo Callay, creating a limited-edition menu to celebrate the start of Shepard avocado season, with a festival named For the love of Shepard Avocado. Read more online at

Click the image below to view a video about Cuckoo Callay’s Chef preparing three fabulous dishes inspired by Shepard avocados:

Out-of-home advertising provides reminders to buy Aussie avocados (March 2022)

Retail outdoor advertising plays an important part in the Australian Avocados media strategy as it helps drive sales/purchase intent. It works with social media content to remind consumers to purchase Aussie avocados before they enter a store. The out-of-home marketing aims to reach 81% of Grocery Buyers aged 25-54. It will run in metro areas across 5 capital cities. The out-of-home advertising is located in close proximity to Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and Independent Grocers.


Shepard Campaign hits social platforms & more (March 2022)

During March and early April there will be media support for Shepard avocados involving social media marketing, retail and digital out-of-home marketing and radio advertising. The radio advertising will leverage Australian Avocados’ previous partnership with Nova to extend the Brand Affinity of the listeners for Shepard avocados with Live Reads as well as 30 second Brand Ads. The ads will run nationally (in metro areas) across the Nova Network and will reach 1.3 million Grocery Buyers aged 25-54.

PR – Place an avo on the Barbie (January 2022)

Hayden Quinn, an Australian chef best known for appearing on Series 3 of MasterChef Australia and as a judge on Nine Network cooking program Family Food Fight, has been appearing in print and online talking about placing an avocado on the barbecue.  Australian Avocados’ PR agency has been busy reaching out to targets across lifestyle, radio and food verticals with more coverage expected.

Nova to take part in promoting the Shepard season (January 2022)

Off the back of a successful Q4 campaign, Australian Avocados will partner with Nova Entertainment Network again for the upcoming Shepard season to create mass awareness of Australian Avocados through the heart-felt ‘Our Green Gold’. Nova is a national metropolitan network with talent leading the way in connecting listeners when it comes to changing product perception. There will be a competition component, where listeners will be invited to identify ‘Green Gold’ anthems and go into the draw to win a major prize, as well as supporting brand radio activity. In addition, there will be amplification through retail out of home advertising to keep avocados top of mind on the final path to purchase and always-on social to increase awareness of the Shepard variety during key season.

This activity is funded by Hort Innovation through the marketing levy and co-ordinated in partnership with Avocados Australia.


Author: Anna Petrou
Date Published: 18/01/2022