Australian Avocados Marketing Update 8/6/18

New campaign continues

The new Australian Avocados campaign was launched on 29 April, with activity across Television, Digital and Out of Home (OOH). The OOH activity included three pieces of creative featuring three different meal ideas being run on television screens located at select shopping centres across Australia to inspire consumers while grocery shopping.

With the Out of Home and Television components running until 9 June, results for these will be reported on at the end of the campaign, with our digital campaign results to date included below.

Another 41 Westfield shopping centres across the eastern seaboard will feature the same creative between 4 June and 1 July. Results will be shared post campaign.



An example of the Out of Home creative.










Digital results

Since the beginning of the Smash an Avo campaign, we have served over 1.9 million impressions across our digital activity. We are tracking strongly against benchmarks for this campaign, currently sitting at an average video Completion Rate of 85.22% and Viewability Rate of 76.18%.

The performance in the campaign so far can be attributed to the success of popular programming across Catch-Up TV placements across 9, 10, 7 and SBS, which includes shows such as MasterChef, The Voice and The Handmaids Tale. Our YouTube activity has also created excellent results, with a completion rate of 92%. We have focused on targeting food, sports, nutrition and health channels, to ensure we are hitting our target audience.

We will look to continue the great results seen to date, and will report on final results at the end of the campaign.

Social Media

Our always on social media activity has continued, ensuring avocados remain top of mind for consumers. In April alone, we reached more than 840,000 users, with the top performing post the Good Fat Fritters recipe post from the Good Fat pop up. It reached more than 251,000 users and received more than 191,000 engagements. It was popular due to its easy DIY style of content with many users commenting that they wished to trial the delicious recipe.








Avocado fans are also loving our original recipes developed for the new campaign, with the Avocado Cheesecake recipe being shared 477 times in only a few days of being live.



Creative win

Each month, the marketing industry publication, Mumbrella, nominates a number of ads that are up for ‘ad of the month’. For the month of May, they put forward the Australian Avocados ad as a nominee, up against Hahn, McDonalds and Ebay, with readers voting in a poll to determine the winner. The Australian Avocados ad resonated most, winning the title of ‘ad of the month’, which is an amazing achievement when considered the calibre (and marketing budgets) of the other nominees! Comments included that it was an “original advertisement which is really entertaining” saying it is nice to “see marketing hitting the mark”. Read the article here –

About the marketing program

See the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados. The industry’s marketing is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy. Hort Innovation develops consumer-focused promotions using a variety of mediums including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube as well as targeted partnerships with consumer-related publications and platforms.

This update was provided by Hort Innovation for Guacamole 8 June  2018.

Author: Hort Innovation
Date Published: 08/06/2018