Australian Avocados Marketing Update 28/09/18

The Australian Avocados digital campaign is now commencing its final weeks in market and has shown consistently strong results across all channels within the digital strategy including Catch Up television, Short form, YouTube and Spotify.

The overall campaign completion rates are currently sitting at 87%, with the viewability equalling 80% overall, which is currently exceeding KPI benchmarks of 70%.

Catch Up Television has served out a total of over 674,000 impressions, with the majority served across the major 3 networks’ catch up portals of 7Plus, 9Now and TenPlay.

YouTube Bumpers & Spotify Australian Avocados has now served out over 2.2 million impressions. The audio strategy through Spotify has seen a completion rate of 88%, which shows the strength of our creative in a completely skippable channel with the high engagement showing that the demographic is connecting with the messaging.

The Australian Avocados Facebook page continues to show strong results, and we will ensure that it continues to evolve to maintain its engagement with the target audience. Recent trends that have been noted are the popularity of ‘buzzfeed’ style videos, and delicious healthy swaps like the avo fudge brownies, that make ’bad’ food ‘good’, which will be key in converting our Selective Diet and Occasional Treat personas.

About the marketing program

See the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados. The industry’s marketing is managed by Hort Innovation and funded by the avocado marketing levy. Hort Innovation develops consumer-focused promotions using a variety of mediums including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube as well as targeted partnerships with consumer-related publications and platforms.

This update was provided by Hort Innovation for the 28 September 2018 edition of Guacamole.

Hort Innovation - Strategic Levy Investment (Avocado Fund)

Author: Hort Innovation
Date Published: 28/09/2018