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Avocados Australia is often in local, state, national or international news, promoting our fabulous Australian avocados, and raising issues of importance on behalf of members.

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15 July – Aussies urged to take advantage of a bumper season

How do you take your avocados? With vegemite? With oysters? Lish Fejer told her ABC Canberra Breakfask listeners to have their recipes on hand this bumper avocado season. Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas was live on Tuesday morning, talking increased production, how to tell when your avo is ripe, and sharing some top recipe suggestions.

Click here to listen to John’s interview with Lish Fejer.

12 July – Avocados offer great value for consumers – 9 News

You can also watch here.

25 June – Bumper avocado crop for 2021 – 3AW Money News

Author: Lisa Yorkston
Date Published: 13/07/2021