The Australian avocado industry has access to a range of news and data sources via Avocados Australia. Connect with us, to stay up-to-date from the orchard to the retail shelves. Avocados Australia provides a range of services, information and strategic direction to support the industry with everything from growing to exporting.

Avocados Australia is the peak industry body for the Australian avocado industry, representing the interests of 800 avocado growers and the broader supply chain. We work to foster growth and development across the entire supply chain, ensuring our customers receive the best quality Australian avocados at every purchase. Be sure to browse the public website, the BPR and the Member area (not a member? more information on that here) to see what’s happening across the breadth of the supply chain.

Best Practice Resource (BPR)
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The BPR is an online one-stop-shop focusing on best practice to improve productivity and the quality of avocados provided to consumers. Access information and how-to information on everything from growing to export, and a host of reference materials. Avocados Australia welcomes new applications for the Best Practice Resource from all businesses that are part of the Australian avocado industry.

Avo Alerts
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The monthly Avo Alerts provide growers with a list of suggested orchard tasks, by region, for the current and coming month. These are prepared by QDAF and link to the extensive BPR resources. If you have registered for the BPR, you can find the latest Avo Alerts in the Australian Agronomy section of the BPR Library.

Talking Avocados
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Talking Avocados is our quarterly magazine covering a wide range of relevant content from local industry news, trends and current affairs, to research and development and international news. Talking Avocados is distributed to all known Australian commercial avocado growers as part of our industry communication program. To subscribe for the print or electronic edition, fill out the subscription form (PDF link) and send it to

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The fortnightly newsletter covers all the latest news, upcoming events, information on what’s new in the BPR, and more. To subscribe, email

Grower and Industry Notices
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Subscribers receive information on industry developments, local events and more via our Grower and Industry notices. If you don’t receive these notices already, you can subscribe by emailing

Events calendar
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New events are added to the calendar, and announced through Guacamole and email notices.

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Infocado is Avocados Australia’s system reporting volumes of avocados dispatched and forecast to be supplied. Short-term data is reported weekly, and seasonal data is reported every three months. Contributors receive the report direct, and they are published to the website on a delayed timeframe. Find out more by emailing or

Retail pricing
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Avocados Australia collates and reports avocado retail prices each week by accessing online avocado retail price information from available sources. Only the most recent report is kept online.

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Contributors (growers with trees in the ground) receive an annual copy of this report. Data collected includes the number of trees, area planted, year planted, variety and tree density. The aggregated data supports long term industry and individual business planning. Email if you’d like to contribute.

Avo Insider
Avocados Australia members also receive the regular Avo Insider, an update from the desk of the organisation’s CEO, John Tyas. Click here to find out more about Avocados Australia membership.



Date Published: 10/07/2019