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Avocados Australia’s new industry website

Check out our new website here:

After 18 months of planning and development, Avocados Australia has launched its new industry website, the Australian Avocado growers’ one-stop-shop for Best Practice Resources, news and industry updates. Over the next few Guacamole newsletters, we will be sharing with you new features and tools of the new website to allow you to gain a better insight into how it can best work for you.

New website feature – Best Practice Resource (BPR) and how-to video

The BPR is an online one-stop-shop focusing on best practice to improve the quality of avocados provided to consumers.  Information has been sourced from the latest research, development and industry investment, checked by industry experts and carefully structured to allow quick and easy access to information. Information and resources are being updated constantly as new content becomes available, so come back again soon!

The BPR has been designed for every stakeholder in the supply chain and how they wish to access their information – growers, packers, wholesalers, ripeners, transporters, retailers, exporters, researchers, consultants, input suppliers and all other relevant stakeholders!

What’s changed?

If you are familiar with using the old version of the BPR, you will indeed notice a monumental change!  The new BPR has a very user friendly layout, intuitive functionality and powerful search tools available that will make finding resources, educational materials, past industry proceedings and videos much easier and faster to find!

The new BPR provides users a robust and comprehensive one-stop-shop for the whole supply chain of the avocado industry!  For example, as of Guacamole 31 March 2017, there are

  • 147 R&D reports available for the Avocado industry. See them in date order, file size or access a full video list with new content being constantly updated.
  • Within the WHS section, there are 36 templates, guides, checklists, manuals and plans to support the management of WHS practices.
  • 35 high quality education materials that can be downloaded at the click of a link or hard copies ordered.
  • Over 99 avocado industry events and their subsequent proceedings are captured and able to be searched and easily accessed.

How to access the BPR

The BPR is accessible to all registered users.  Avocados Australia welcomes new applications from all businesses that are part of the Australian avocado industry.  Contact Avocados Australia today to find out how!

Take a look inside…

To fully understand and gain an appreciation for the extent of information and resources the BPR has for you and your business, take a quick look inside by playing the video below. We trust you will enjoy the new BPR site!  If you have any questions or have already registered and need some support in using this tool please contact Avocados Australia.

Author: Avocados Australia
Date Published: 31/03/2017