Phosphorous acid monitoring service

Background to phosphorous acid testing

After some time without access to a service to analyse roots for the presence of phosphorus acid, GLT Horticultural Services advised that from March 2017, a new service was up and running through MA Analytical Services.

MA Analytical Services are in Tarragindi in Brisbane and have extensive experience in the analysis of phosphorus acid.

What is phosphorous acid testing used for?

It is important to know the phosphorous acid levels in your orchard’s tree roots prior to applying phosphorous acid as a foliar spray and/or a trunk injection during the application time window. Once the current phosphorus acid level in your roots is known, an effective program based on science can be developed. Otherwise, you are guessing.

Why use this service?

Managing the root health of avocados is the single most important practice in a successful avocado orchard. If you have unhealthy roots under your trees, you have nothing. Production will slowly reduce and your fruit size and quality will diminish to a point that your tree dies.


Further information

Click here for a Phosphorus Acid Analysis Request Form

Click here for a Phosphorus Acid Interpretation Sheet

Please contact Graeme Thomas, GLT Horticultural Services for all enquiries on mobile: 0419 977 267 or email:

Author: GLT Horticultural Services
Date Published: 31/03/2017