Avocado Industry Extension

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Transition to 2027

The Australian Avocado Industry Extension Strategy 2023-2027 – Transition to 2027, has been developed to map out the priority extension strategies required to meet the challenges of the rapidly increased scale of production in Australia over the last decade.

The intention of the strategy is to provide a guide that offers direction and coordination for extension and training along the entire Australian avocado industry supply chain. It will enable resources and relationships to be better positioned to deliver on critical needs over the next 5 years.

2023 – 2027 Practice Change Strategies

The extension strategy includes:

  • 57 targeted practice change strategies over the 20 priority practice change areas.
  • An extension services model that guides how services and projects should be prioritised to deliver on these strategies.
  • A proposed national committee to maintain the extension strategy as an active document, incorporating emerging needs and new project roles and interrelationships as required.
  • A plan for R&D project guidelines that will provide a clear stepwise approach to pre-project consultation, project design, and project management – so that we are optimising the use of industry resources and maximising project outcomes.

For further information contact AAL Strategy and Projects Consultant Anne Larard

Author: Anna Petrou
Date Published: 13/04/2022