On-farm focus for R&D

This article appears in the Summer 2018 edition of Talking Avocados (Volume 28 No 4).

On-farm focus for R&D

The most recent research and development forum for the avocado industry had a strong on-farm focus.
Avocados Australia Chief Executive Officer John Tyas said the November 2017 event, hosted by Hort Innovation and Avocados Australia, was very much about on-farm production issues related to productivity and fruit quality.
“It was a great opportunity to bring avocado researchers, experts and industry leaders together to discuss R&D activities and future needs,” Mr Tyas said.
“This event brought together more than 60 growers, researchers, agronomists, Hort Innovation and departmental staff from across the country.”
Mr Tyas said the first day was dedicated to updates on the current program and projects, to better allow for a discussion of gaps and potential priorities for new production-based R&D.
“The forum delivered specific outputs that can be actioned by Hort Innovation and Avocados Australia to progress the avocado R&D program, to further improve the future of our industry,” he said.
Mr Tyas said the forum identified six broad areas of investment for future R&D:

  • genetics and propagation
  • disease
  • pests and insects
  • crop production
  • precision ag and
  • fruit handling.

“This is far from the end of the discussions on these new priorities,” Mr Tyas said.
“We will now be going to the broader grower group, to determine their priorities within these on-farm investment areas.
“Once this feedback is incorporated, Hort Innovation will progress toward commissioning appropriate new projects with the avocado Strategic Investment Advisory Panel.”

Date Published: 31/01/2018