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    Bridie Carr

    Please post a question or discussion topic – this could be something you would like to learn more about, or an issue or challenge you are experiencing on your farm, or even something you have found to be working well for you that you would like to share! You can either create your own ‘topic’ for a new feed or add comments to an existing one.

    Navneet Kaur Mutti
    1. How to control and manage Phellinus in Avocados?
    2. What are the Economic threshold levels for Citrus Blossom bugs?
    3. Salt burn and Phytophthora root rot.
    4. Role of Aeration in Phytophthora affected Avocados.
    5. Low fruit set in  Shepard trees.
    6. Causes of holes in new leaf flush and the culprit was not found even after regular monitoring.
    Bridie Carr

    Thanks for your post Navneet. We will be covering these in the course. Feel free to bring along some photos of the leaf flush damage you have seen and we can do our best to ID the culprit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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