Eric Carney

Eric CarneyEric Carney
Director CQ
Eric grew up on an avocado farm in WA and has been involved in avocado farming since 2002. He is a grower and packer at Avocado Ridge. He managed a wholesale travel and tour company for 12 years prior to 2002, before combining forces with his parents to farm avocados with his wife and young children.

I love that avocados are a “superfood” and how great they are nutritionally and allow for great versatility that no other food can replicate. From a farming aspect – it’s hard work when it’s “on”, but there is some down-time and it’s a great environment for the children to run wild and be free and it’s wonderful to be living in a rural community. I believe the Australian avocado industry’s future is strong – demand will remain strong both globally and locally as more and more people become aware of its nutritional benefits as well as its taste and flavour.

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Address: Childers QLD
Mobile: 0403 917 769

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