Eric Carney

Eric CarneyEric Carney
Director CQ
Eric grew up on an avocado farm in WA and has been involved in avocado farming since 2002. He was a grower and packer with his parents at Avocado Ridge and SuperPak. After selling Avocado Ridge/SuperPak to Costa, Eric stayed on as operations manager of the 60,0000 tree operation. A couple years down the track, Eric decided to return to family farming and with his wife and son, has recently developed a property planting Shepard, Hass and macadamia trees.I love that avocados are a “superfood”, how great they are nutritionally and allow for great versatility that no other food can replicate. From a farming aspect – it can be long hours during the main season, but the trade off is that there is usually some quieter times where we can spend time together and enjoy life. I also enjoy learning new things and I feel that everyday we refine, we improve and learn more. I believe the Australian avocado industry’s future is strong – demand will remain strong both globally and locally as more and more people become aware of the nutritional benefits as well as the taste and flavour that avocados poses.

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Mobile: 0403 917 769
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