Kangaroo Label

Avocados Australia has managed the Kangaroo Label for use on Australian grown avocados since 2011, and there was a significant update in 2019.

Use of this label is controlled under license with the Registered Label Suppliers listed below.

The major change in 2019 was the introduction of the databar by GS1 and the need for packhouses and growers to manage their own databar requirements.

With the introduction of the new databar requirement (GS1) to replace the previous barcodes managed by Avocados Australia, we have worked with our registered printers to update and refresh the label to accommodate the databar.

All packhouses using barcode labels will be required to apply to GS1 for their own databar, which can then be easily inserted into the Kangaroo Label of your choice (options pictured. Images courtesy of Warehouse Design & Packaging).

Packhouses will still need to apply to Avocados Australia for a Packhouse Registration Number (PRN), which will authorise them to use the Kangaroo Label. Once a PRN application is approved by Avocados Australia, the packhouse will receive a unique PRN and the Registered Label Suppliers will be informed of the new PRN. Packhouses may then contact any of the Registered Label Suppliers directly to order Kangaroo Labels. Please contact one of our registered printers to discuss your labelling requirements.

If you would like to apply for a PRN, please complete and submit the Application form below. It is not a requirement that you are a member of Avocados Australia to obtain a PRN.

Further information about the Kangaroo Label and contact information for the Registered Label Suppliers can be viewed below.

Kangaroo Label 2019. Images courtesy of Warehouse Design & Packaging.
Kangaroo Label 2019. Images courtesy of Warehouse Design & Packaging.
Kangaroo Label 2019. Images courtesy of Warehouse Design & Packaging.

    PRN Application

    About the Kangaroo Label

    The Australian Kangaroo Label was developed by Avocados Australia in 2011. Avocados Australia created the on-fruit sticker at a time when the industry wanted to provide a better means for consumers to be able to identify and choose home-grown avocados in retail stores. The sticker clearly identifies the avocado country of origin at point-of-sale. Though the use of the label is optional, registered label users have overwhelmingly supported the Kangaroo Label.

    Why use the Kangaroo Label?
    The Australian Kangaroo Label has become an established brand in the marketplace at point-of-sale. The Kangaroo Label clearly identifies country of origin at point-of-sale to reassure shoppers they are buying Australian avocados and supporting Australian growers, and the regional communities across Australia in which they operate. Packhouses must be registered to use the Kangaroo Label. The Packhouse Registration Number printed on the label as part of the specifications, provides a useful traceability mechanism which can assist with quality improvement and monitoring. This traceability mechanism is also strongly supported by the major retailers and is only available with the Kangaroo Label.

    Registered Label Suppliers & Registered Label Users

    Registered Kangaroo Label Suppliers are licensed to produce the Kangaroo Label (Aldine Printers, J-Tech, Label Press, Mildura Printing Services, Orora Limited and Warehouse Design & Packaging), and are supported by Avocados Australia to maintain the relevant details concerning the Kangaroo Label specifications.

    Label Press (QLD) Pty Ltd
    Ph: 07 3271 2111
    PO Box 174,
    Carole Park QLD 4300

    Warehouse Design and Packaging Pty Ltd
    Ph: 02 9905 0963
    Unit 3/269 Harbord Road,
    Brookvale NSW 2100

    J-Tech Systems
    Ph: 02 6049 5000
    42c Conrad Place,
    Lavington NSW 2641

    Aldine Printers
    Ph: 07 4051 4330
    1/50 Sturt Street,
    Cairns QLD 4870

    Mildura Printing Services
    Ph: 03 5022 1441
    Shop 2 & Cnr Etiwanda Ave & Hynes Crt,
    Mildura VIC 3502

    OPAL Packaging
    Sean – 0409 626 912
    100 Carroll Road, Oakleigh South VIC 3168
    Kel – 0417 094 681
    103 Ashover Road, Rocklea Qld, Australia 4106

    Royalty arrangements
    The royalty that applies to the Kangaroo Label is set at 40 cents per thousand labels (equal to approximately 1 cent per tray of avocados). This rate has not changed since the system was introduced more than 10 years ago (when it was set for the first label that was provided by Avocados Australia). The royalty covers the costs of administering the label registration program, and also assists in covering the costs of programs that are unable to be funded by the national levies managed by Hort Innovation. Examples of this work may include State and Federal Government representation/agri-political work and other issues management that is outside the scope of levy-funded projects.

    For more information:
    For more information about Avocados Australia’s Kangaroo Label please contact the office on email admin@avocado.org.au or call our toll free phone number 1300 303 971.