Avocados Australia’s Industry Label

Avocados Australia has managed the Kangaroo Label for use on Australian grown avocados since 2011. The industry label was established with industry sustainability at the core, by enabling a connection between the Australian avocado industry and consumers, for mutual benefits.

The industry label, managed by Avocados Australia, provides the Australian avocado industry stakeholders the opportunity to leverage the industry’s marketing campaigns to drive the sales of their avocados through a united and recognisable “Australian Avocados” brand throughout the consumer path to purchase.

In 2021, consumer research and testing was conducted on the industry label to ensure the industry label continues to offer the maximum value to its users. Key findings of the research included:

  • The label with the yellow edge rated the strongest with consumers with 83.33% of participants preferring this label over the previous design (16.67%).
  • Without prompt over 50% of consumers indicated a purchasing preference towards Avocados Australia’s Industry Label.
  • 90.2% of participants identified Avocados Australia’s Industry Label as the avocado label which was easiest for them to identify as an Australian grown avocado.
  • 81% of participants identified the Avocado’s Australia Industry Label as the label that most clearly aligns to the branding of the levy-funded marketing campaign.

Based on the consumer research, Avocados Australia reviewed the design elements of the industry label to ensure it continues to offer the maximum value to industry. During this process, Avocados Australia managed to reduce the colours, negotiate competitive pricing, and keep the existing size specifications with all registered label printers to minimise the costs of Avocados Australia’s Industry Label.

Apply to use Avocados Australia’s Industry Label

1. Obtain a Packhouse Registration Number from Avocados Australia

Packhouses wishing to utilise Avocados Australia’s Industry Label will need to apply to Avocados Australia for a Packhouse Registration Number (PRN), which will authorise them to use the Kangaroo Label…

2. Choose from our registered label suppliers and contact them directly to set up the design and order your labels

Packhouses may then contact any of the Registered Label Suppliers directly to order Kangaroo Labels. Please contact one of our registered printers to discuss your labelling requirements…

Use of this label is controlled under license with the Registered Label Suppliers listed below.

By using Avocados Australia’s Avocado Industry Label, you consent to Avocados Australia sharing your PRN number, packhouse and main contact name to retail partners for traceability records.

Further information about the contact information for the Registered Label Suppliers can be viewed below.

    PRN Application

    Registered Label Suppliers & Registered Label Users

    Registered Avocados Australia Industry Label Suppliers are licensed to produce the Avocados Australia Industry Label (Aldine Printers, J-Tech, Label Press, Mildura Printing Services, Opal Packaging and Warehouse Design & Packaging), and are supported by Avocados Australia to maintain the relevant details concerning the Avocados Australia Industry Label specifications.

    Label Press (QLD) Pty Ltd
    Ph: 07 3271 2111
    PO Box 174, Ellen Grove QLD 4078
    Warehouse Design and Packaging Pty Ltd
    Ph: 02 9905 0963
    Unit 3/269 Harbord Road, Brookvale NSW 2100
    J-Tech Systems
    Ph: 02 6049 5000
    42c Conrad Place, Lavington NSW 2641
    Aldine Printers
    Ph: 07 4051 4330
    1/50 Sturt Street, Cairns QLD 4870
    Mildura Printing Services
    Ph: 03 5022 1441
    Shop 2 & Cnr Etiwanda Ave & Hynes Crt, Mildura VIC 3502
    Opal Packaging
    Sean Edel
    Ph: 0409 626 912
    100 Carroll Road, Oakleigh South VIC 3168

    Royalty arrangementsThe royalty that applies to the Avocados Australia Industry Label is set at 40 cents per thousand labels (equal to approximately 1 cent per tray of avocados)…

    For more information:

    For more information about Avocados Australia Industry Label please contact the office on email admin@avocado.org.au or call our toll free phone number 1300 303 971.