Industry Communication

As the national Peak Industry Body (PIB), Avocados Australia understands knowledge and information-sharing is the key to fostering our industry’s growth and success. Avocados Australia is the primary communication provider for the avocado industry in Australia. With our membership representing more than 80 per cent of Australian avocado production, we pride ourselves on our high level of engagement with our stakeholders including growers, packhouses, wholesalers and retailers, researchers, consultants, other service providers and government. As a result, Avocados Australia has developed a multi-pronged approach to our communications program to ensure our stakeholders across the supply chain receive all the information they need. The Industry Communication Program includes:

Talking Avocados

Talking Avocados is our hard copy quarterly magazine covering a wide range of relevant content from local industry news, trends and current affairs, to research and development, best practice and international news. Visit our Talking Avocados page to see more than 25 years of editions. This publication continues to be a highly-valued communication tool amongst our industry stakeholders.


Avocados Australia provides an industry-focused fortnightly online newsletter with timely updates on local and international current affairs. Visit Guacamole for our latest newsletter.


Avocados Australia’s website is the face of the Australian avocado industry. It aims to support anyone interested in learning more about the Australian avocado industry and also provides industry stakeholders with extensive online resources and tools.

The Best Practice Resource

The communication program supports and promotes our industry’s one-stop-shop focusing on best practice to improve the quality of avocados provided to consumers,  covering the whole supply chain. Visit and register for the Best Practice Resource today.

Grower and Industry Notices

As part of the communications program Avocados Australia delivers important and timely information to our growers and industry through Grower, Industry and Member Notices. Visit our Latest News page to view notices.

Social Media

Avocados Australia’s social media accounts enable us to extend our communication with industry and the broader community. We currently connect to our online community via Facebook and Twitter.

Media Engagement

Avocados Australia works closely with the media to raise awareness of our industry representation and advocacy. We aim to position the Australian avocado industry positively with our stakeholders, communicating any pertinent industry, or research and development updates, as well as any major issues concerning our industry that may be useful to our stakeholders and the broader community. Our media activity can be viewed here and media can contact the office via our contacts page.

Crisis Management

Avocados Australia has a crisis management plan to help industry respond to a variety of crisis situations. Visit our contacts page for more information.