Supply Chain Education

All sectors of the avocado supply chain have a role to play to deliver high-quality avocados to consumers and Avocados Australia seeks to educate businesses in all sectors of the supply chain on best practice handling.

Many of the resources available were developed using avocado levy and matched funds from the Australian Government through Horticulture Innovation Australia.

Hard copy handling guides

Extensive best practice printed materials are available for each sector of the supply chain. These handling guides were developed by Avocados Australia in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (formally QDPI). Simple guides containing essential best practice handling information are available for growers, packers, transporters, wholesalers, ripeners and retailers.

To place an order for hard copies: please complete our Education Material Order Form. 

Best Practice Resource

The Best Practice Resource (BPR) is an online tool which contains best practice information and supporting documents for all sectors of the supply chain. The BPR provides education material in various formats including text, images, documents, videos and online training modules.

It also includes copies of all available avocado R&D final reports, marketing reports, relevant workshop and conference presentations.

As a web-based tool, the BPR is updated as new information becomes available.

Access to the BPR is available to all Australian industry stakeholders via a secure login. To access the BPR, click here.

Industry Extension

Avocados Australia delivers a range of extension activities to support best practice adoption across avocado supply chains.

Qualicado is a program that delivered best practice information to the industry through a series of workshops with growers, packers, wholesalers and ripeners and one-on-one facility checks.

Avocados Australia also delivered extensive retailer training from 2010 to 2015.

Avocados Australia is committed to delivering or supporting ongoing supply chain education programs to further improve the quality of avocados available to consumers. For further information about Avocados Australia’s extension activities and links to additional resources Click here.