About Our Programs

Avocados Australia delivers a number of core programs focused on strategic industry priorities. The programs that we deliver for industry are aligned with our capability and capacity as a service provider as well as our unique position as the industry’s representative.

A suite of activities undertaken by Avocados Australia has helped to improve the performance of the supply chains in terms of quality out turn and industry value. Supply chain programs that we deliver provide Supply Chain Data and Supply Chain Education.

We run an extensive Industry Communication Program to ensure our stakeholders are regularly informed an updated with relevant news and information.

Export development is an increasing priority for the Australian avocado industry as our production increases and our Export Development Program provides a coordinated and planned approach to export development.

Our Biosecurity Program is essential to ensure the Australian avocado industry remains free of exotic pests and diseases and to minimise spread of endemic pests and diseases between farms. The program ensures the avocado industry is actively represented in national biosecurity management.

The Kangaroo Label Program provides the industry with a consistent Australian logo. The program also enables unique packhouse identification on the label.

The Avocado Nursery Voluntary Accreditation Scheme (ANVAS), managed by Avocados Australia, was established in 1977-78 to provide superior planting material for the avocado industry. Growers and nurseries can find more information here.