About Membership

Avocados Australia welcomes new membership applications for the Grower, Associate and Affiliate categories.

The Australian avocado industry is a growing, successful and progressive industry. As the industry’s peak body, we work closely with all stakeholders to drive its ongoing success. For the industry to remain successful it needs a strong national community that unites to achieve common goals and ensures the collective and individual success of businesses involved in the industry.

Avocados Australia members have a direct say in the future of the industry and have easy access to our organisation and all the benefits that we provide. All Grower Members have the right to vote for their regional Director. Our membership provides resources for a range of services that benefit our members.

Member services

  • A unified voice to influence decision-makers
    Avocados Australia engages with and works to influence policymakers & key decision-makers for the benefit of the industry.
  • Member-only newsletter (the Avo Insider)
    The Avo Insider is an exclusive newsletter developed for Avocados Australia members only. The Avo Insider provides an update from the CEO and Board about key advocacy work and more detailed updates on matters that can’t otherwise be communicated through the levy-funded communication program.
  • Member Notices
    Targeted Member Notices are issued by Avocados Australia when timely information needs to be provided to all members.
  • Member Area of the website
    The Member Area provides members with the most extensive access to resources across the Avocados Australia website. The area also contains company reports, agri-political papers, policy submissions and historical copies of exclusive member communication such as the Avo Insider.
  • Member Coordinator
    The Member Coordinator ensures members are well supported to access the full suite of services and information available through Avocados Australia. Current members and those interested in membership can make contact by either phone or email and seek advice on issues.
  • Avocado export development and market access
    Avocados Australia facilitates the development of new export markets to provide new market outlets for our members in line with expected increased Australian avocado supply. Implementing export strategies and tools to help exporters increase the potential of existing markets and facilitate access to new markets is a key activity for Avocados Australia.
  • Biosecurity management
    Another important role for Avocados Australia is ensuring industry biosecurity plans are maintained. We represent the avocado industry in relation to incursions of new pests and ensure resources are available to address industry biosecurity issues.

Grower Member

This class of membership is only available to commercial Australian avocado growers with a membership fee of $250 (+GST) per year.

Associate Member

Associate membership is open to businesses and enterprises which service the Australian Avocado industry which may comprise: processors and packhouses, wholesalers (including agents of wholesalers), retailers, exporters, and transporters. The membership fee for this class of member is $460 (+GST) per year.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is open to: consumer groups, any producer or participant in a service industry that is allied with the Australian avocado industry, educational institutions and other persons with a non-commercial interest in the Australian avocado industry. The membership fee for this class of member is $125 (+GST) per year.