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Where to look for farm work; relocation and other COVID-19 assistance programs for seasonal workers; border details; our current vacancies at Avocados Australia

Export Development Manager

We are on the hunt for an export development manager to join the team at Avocados Australia. This exciting new role will play a major part in the future growth and development of the avocado export sector. The Australian avocado industry is experiencing significant growth, providing the opportunity to further develop our existing export markets, as well as introduce Australian avocados into new markets. Click here for the full position description and more details.

Farm work

Avocados Australia is a not for profit representing the interests of the avocado industry; we don’t deal directly with arranging labour for farms and orchards. However, our Avocado Directory does list some labour hire companies and services that may be of use. Given the current pandemic, we have also collated a guide of other national and state job portals you may find useful.

Avocado Directory: the directory is being constantly updated with new listings, businesses that service the avocado industry are encouraged to list here. If you click here, there are several labour hire firms listed in our Avocado Directory. One of them may be able to assist in your search for general industry work.  (If that direct link does not work, search under “labour” in the Avocado Directory.)

Harvest Trail: Vacancies are also registered on the government’s Harvest Trail website (jobsearch.gov.au/harvest), as well as social media (Facebook Page – National Harvest Labour Information Service – facebook.com/National-Harvest-Labour-Information-Service-133019196865847/). The toll free number for the NHLIS is 1800 062 332.

Harvest Trail also has information on working on the Harvest Trail: fairwork.gov.au/horticulture-showcase/working-the-harvest-trail.

The Australian Government has set up a jobs hub you can customise by state and industry (for horticulture positions, select “Food Production/Agriculture/Horticulture”. www.dese.gov.au/covid-19/jobs-hub/find-employers-hiring-now

Another national job board is Career Harvest: www.careerharvest.com.au/.

Federal relocation assistance

From 1 December 2020, all job seekers participating in employment service programs will be immediately eligible for the Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job program, from the Australian Government.

From 1 November 2020, relocation assistance will be available to people who relocate to harvest and regional areas to take up short-term agricultural work, including Australians who are not receiving income support and those with the right to work in Australia:

  • $3,000 if person relocates to a capital city
  • $6,000 if person relocates to a regional area
  • an extra $3,000 if person relocates with a dependent.

If person relocates to take up short-term agricultural work, they may be eligible to receive up to:

  • $6,000 if person is an Australian worker
  • $2,000 if person is a visa holder with the right to work in Australia.

Job seekers can get relocation assistance if they move to take up any ongoing work including an apprenticeship, or if they move to a harvest or regional area to take up short-term agricultural work.

If your new job is in the agricultural sector, it must be at least six weeks (and at least 120 hours). Otherwise, your new job must be for more than 30 hours a week and ongoing for six months.

Please check all of the criteria carefully as there are requirements for both you and your employer. Read more here.

Please check the links in the state sections for details of the available state-based assistance.

If you are in Western Australia: The WA Government has launched an initiative to connect jobseekers with opportunities. Please note, this initiative exists to provide information only and is not a recruitment service. Links to recruitment services can be found on the site: www.jobsinwafoodandag.com/.

  • The Western Australian Government also has a Regional Travel and Accommodation Support Scheme, click here.

If you are in Queensland: The Queensland Government has also launched an initiative to connect jobseekers with opportunities. Find more here: www.jobsfinder.qld.gov.au/ and also check out the #pickqld site and search under #pickqld on social media.

  • The Queensland Government has a “back to work in agriculture” incentive scheme, click here.

If you are in New South Wales: The NSW Government has launched Help Harvest NSW to connect unemployed workers with farm work opportunities across NSW. Take a look at the site and see what job opportunities are around the corner, visit www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/help-harvest-nsw. You can also search via #HelpHarvestNSW on social media.

If you are in South Australia: The South Australian Government has launched a job hub for seasonal work: www.seasonaljobs.sa.gov.au/. PIRSA is also posting some job ads to the department’s Facebook feed here and you can search under SeasonalJobSA and #GetASeasonalJobSA as well.

  • South Australia is also offering relocation assistance to students moving to regional areas for work, click here.

If you are in Victoria: The Victorian Government has launched a website that might be of use: www.vic.gov.au/workingforvictoria.

If you are in Tasmania: Tasmania encourages you to look for opportunities via the Harvest Trail (links above) but DPIPWE provides some great information about working on the harvest trail here and a seasonal crop chart here.


Border closures

For current information about border closures within Australia, please visit https://farmhub.org.au/covid-19/. On this page, you will find a “Border Control” section with up-to-date links for all states and territories. Some states require a permit to enter. Please check ahead.

If you are crossing a state or territory border for work, we advise you to ask your new employer for a letter/email confirming you are travelling to take up work, to have proof on hand of where you will be living, and if necessary, proof (eg receipts) showing you have quarantined for 14 days. Please have this handy, even if borders are open when you set off, as things can change quickly.