Past Events

Tamborine/Northern Rivers Avocado Field DayAvocados Australia11/07/2024
Western Australia Regional ForumQDAF & Avocados Australia27/06/2024
Avo Connections 2024Avocados Australia03/06/2024
Hort Connections 2024AusVeg & the International Fresh...03/06/2024
Tristate Regional ForumQDAF & Avocados Australia15/05/2024
South QLD Regional ForumQDAF & Avocados Australia17/04/2024
Central NSW Regional ForumQDAF & Avocados Australia10/04/2024
Supermarket Trade Show - JapanSupermarket Trade Show14/02/2024
South East Queensland Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia24/10/2023
Blackbutt Avocado Festival 2023Blackbutt Avocado Festival Com...09/09/2023
Asia Fruit Logistica & Asiafruit CongressAsia Fruit Logistica06/09/2023
Central Queensland Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia18/08/2023
Avo ConnectionsAvocados Australia Ltd05/06/2023
Avocado and macadamia grower workshop Queensland Department of Agriculture...27/04/2023
World Avocado Congress - New Zealand 2023NZ Avocados02/04/2023
Asia Fruit Logistica02/11/2022
NQ Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia21/07/2022
2022 WA Avocado Research UpdateDPIRD22/06/2022
Central NSW Avocado Regional ForumAvocados Australia and DAF16/06/2022
Central NSW Members BreakfastAvocados Australia16/06/2022
CNSW Avocado Export + Disease Management WorkshopAvocados Australia15/06/2022
Central NSW AvoSkillsQueensland DAF14/06/2022
Avo Connections 2022Avocados Australia06/06/2022
Hort Connections 2022AUSVEG & International Fresh Produce...06/06/2022
Tamborine and Northern Rivers Avocado Regional For...Avocados Australia and DAF01/06/2022
Tamborine Northern Rivers Member BreakfastAvocados Australia01/06/2022
Veg & Avocado Smart Farms Online Field DayApplied Horticultural Research26/05/2022
Riverland Avocado Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia13/05/2022
AvoSkills - TristateQueensland DAF12/05/2022
WA Avocado Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia10/05/2022
Avocado Disease Management Workshop - WADr Elizabeth Dann05/05/2022
Avocado Disease Management WorkshopLiz Dann & Chad Simpson27/04/2022
CQ Avocado Export Regional ForumAvocados Australia04/03/2022
South Queensland Regional ForumAvocados Australia & DAF23/02/2022
SQ Members Breakfast in Crows NestAvocados Australia23/02/2022
AvoSkills - Central NSWQueensland DAF23/11/2021
Avocado Integrated Pest Management workshop (Zoom)IPM Technologies01/11/2021
Central Queensland Regional ForumQueensland DAF & Avocados Aust...27/10/2021
Avocado Integrated Pest Management workshop (Zoom)IPM Technologies18/10/2021
Avocado Integrated Pest Management workshop (Zoom)IPM Technologies04/10/2021
AvoSkills - Central Queensland NEW DATEQueensland DAF21/09/2021
Avocado Integrated Pest Management workshop (Zoom)IPM Technologies20/09/2021
Avocado Integrated Pest Management workshop (Zoom)IPM Technologies06/09/2021
North Queensland Regional ForumAvocados Australia & DAF25/08/2021
AvoGrow Webinar Series - Research UpdateAvocados Australia & DAF12/08/2021
Avocado wholesalers workshopQDAF, DPIRD, Avocados Australi...25/06/2021
Regional Forum - WA Perth regionAvocados Australia & DAF24/06/2021
Regional Forum - WA South WestAvocados Australia & DAF22/06/2021
Avo Connections 2021 - special Hort Connections ev...Avocados Australia07/06/2021
Hort Connections07/06/2021
Japan export registration workshopAvocados Australia & DPIRD01/06/2021
Water Information Session - ChildersAvocados Australia24/05/2021
AvoGrow Webinar - 2021 Avocado Irrigation Summit S...Avocados Australia & DAF19/05/2021
Monitoring avocado quality: Avocado Update webinarAvocados Australia12/05/2021
Tristate Regional ForumAvocados Australia & DAF05/05/2021
Avocado Phosphorous Acid WorkshopQDAF21/04/2021
Members Breakfast - South QueenslandAvocados Australia24/03/2021
Regional Forum - South Queensland - Crows NestAvocados Australia & DAF24/03/2021
Reef Certification TrainingAvocados Australia & Growcom24/02/2021
Christmas office closure21/12/2020
NQ health management plan & labour sessionsQAWN09/12/2020
NQ health management plan & labour sessionsQAWN07/12/2020
Phytophthora and phosphite workshopAV1600701/12/2020
Avogrow Soil Health webinarAvocados Australia & Queensland...25/11/2020
Asia Fruit Logistica18/11/2020
Asiafruit Congress17/11/2020
Avocados Australia 2020 AGM - onlineAvocados Australia04/11/2020
Avogrow webinar seriesAvocados Australia & Queensland...28/10/2020
Regional Forum - North Queensland - online29/07/2020
Japan Registration WorkshopAvocados Australia & DPIRD24/06/2020
Regional Forum - Tristate - onlineDAF & Avocados Australia27/05/2020
Regional Forum - CNSW - going onlineDAF & Avocados Australia29/04/2020
Regional Forum - Western Australia - MANJIMUPQDAF, DPIRD & Avocados Austral...12/03/2020
AvoSkills - Western AustraliaQDAF, DPIRD & Avocados Austral...10/03/2020
FOODEX, Japan10/03/2020
Regional Forum - Sunshine Coast - BellthorpeQDAF & Avocados Australia26/02/2020
Regional Forum - South Queensland - BlackbuttQDAF & Avocados Australia11/02/2020
Christmas office closure21/12/2019
Regional Forum - CQ - ChildersQDAF & Avocados Australia27/11/2019
Avocados Australia AGM - NEW LOCATIONAvocados Australia13/11/2019
NEW LOCATION Regional Forum - TNR - CasuarinaQDAF & Avocados Australia13/11/2019
Adelaide wholesalers' avocado workshopQDAF & Avocados Australia18/10/2019
Melbourne wholesalers' avocado workshopQDAF & Avocados Australia17/10/2019
Sydney wholesalers' avocado workshopQDAF & Avocados Australia16/10/2019
Brisbane wholesalers' avocado workshopQDAF & Avocados Australia14/10/2019
Avocados Australia closed for Queen's Birthday07/10/2019
World Avocado Conference, ColombiaCorpoHass & Agrilink22/09/2019
Australia industry pre-WAC tourQDAF & Avocados Australia17/09/2019
Regional Forum - North QueenslandDAF & Avocados Australia28/08/2019
Regional Forum - TristateQDAF & Avocados Australia14/08/2019
AvoSkills - North QueenslandQDAF & Avocados Australia17/07/2019
Hort Connections 2019, VAUSVEG and PMA Australia-New Zealand...24/06/2019
Regional Forum - WA - Perth area (Wanerie)QDAF, AAL & DPIRD06/06/2019
Regional Forum - WA - Pemberton areaQDAF, AAL & DPIRD04/06/2019
Regional Forum - CNSW - Stuarts PointQDAF & Avocados Australia15/05/2019
Avocados Australia closed for Labour Day06/05/2019
Avocados Australia Easter/Anzac Day office closure...19/04/2019
Planting Systems Field Day, QQueensland DAF10/04/2019
Sunnyspot Packhouse Field Day, QSunnyspot Packhouse20/03/2019
Avocados Australia holiday closure24/12/2018
Orchard Intensification and Robotics Field DayQueensland DAF08/11/2018
Avocados Australia Annual General Meeting 2018Avocados Australia02/11/2018
HARPS Training Course - BundabergHARPS05/09/2018
HARPS Training Course - Brisbane MarketsHARPS04/09/2018
HARPS Training Course - StanthorpeHARPS03/09/2018
HARPS Training Course - Perth MarketsHARPS10/08/2018
2018 Irrigation Australia International Conference...Irrigation Australia12/06/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - Central Quee...Avocados Australia07/06/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - Central NSWAvocados Australia05/06/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - North Queens...Avocados Australia31/05/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - TristateAvocados Australia21/05/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - Western Aust...Avocados Australia15/05/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - Sunshine Coa...Avocados Australia02/05/2018
Avocados Australia Regional Meeting - South Queens...Avocados Australia01/05/2018
Efficient Farming ForumNorthern Gulf Resource Management...27/04/2018
South Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF07/12/2017
Central Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF16/11/2017
Annual General Meeting 2017Avocados Australia09/11/2017
Central NSW Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF02/11/2017
North Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF12/10/2017
Central Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF17/08/2017
Tristate Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopsQueensland DAF26/07/2017
North Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF13/07/2017
WA Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopsQueensland DAF20/06/2017
South Qld Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF15/06/2017
Central NSW Avocado Grower Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF01/06/2017
Northern NSW Tamborine Avocado Grower Study Group ...Queensland DAF18/05/2017
Sunshine Coast Avocado Grower Study Group MeetingQueensland DAF04/05/2017
North QLD Avocado supply chain improvement information...Applied Horticultural Research03/05/2017
Tristate Avocado Grower Study Group MeetingQueensland DAF30/03/2017
Avocados Australia Ltd Notice of the 13th Annual General...Avocados Australia16/11/2016
Brisbane Wholesalers Qualicado UpdateAvocados Australia30/08/2016
Melbourne Wholesalers Qualicado UpdateAvocados Australia18/08/2016
Sydney Wholesalers Qualicado UpdateAvocados Australia17/08/2016
Adelaide Wholesalers Qualicado UpdateAvocados Australia16/08/2016
Central Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia11/08/2016
Tri State Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia28/07/2016
North Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia14/07/2016
Western Australia Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia23/06/2016
Perth Wholesalers Qualicado UpdateAvocados Australia22/06/2016
South Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia09/06/2016
Central New South Wales Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia26/05/2016
TamborineNorthern Rivers Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia05/05/2016
Sunshine Coast Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia28/04/2016
Central Queensland Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF21/04/2016
Western Australia Avocado Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF17/03/2016
South Queensland Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF09/12/2015
Central NSW Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF03/12/2015
Tri State Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF25/11/2015
Notice of the 12th Avocados Australia Annual General...Avocados Australia19/11/2015
North Queensland Study Group WorkshopQueensland DAF15/10/2015
Central Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia06/08/2015
Melbourne Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia23/07/2015
Adelaide Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia22/07/2015
Western Australia Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia25/06/2015
Perth Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia24/06/2015
Central New South Wales Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia04/06/2015
Tri State Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia21/05/2015
South Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia07/05/2015
TamborineNorthern Rivers Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia26/03/2015
Brisbane Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia26/02/2015
Sunshine Coast Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia13/02/2015
North Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia04/12/2014
Avocado Industry Day - Port MacquarieAvocados Australia17/09/2014
Notice of the 11th Avocados Australia Annual General...Avocados Australia17/09/2014
Central Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia11/09/2014
Western Australia Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia24/07/2014
Perth Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia23/07/2014
Avocados Australia is coming to ManjimupAvocados Australia22/07/2014
Central New South Wales Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia11/06/2014
Adelaide Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia22/05/2014
Adelaide Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia22/05/2014
South Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia08/05/2014
TamborineNorthern Rivers Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia03/04/2014
Avocados Australia is coming to KyogleAvocados Australia27/03/2014
Sunshine Coast Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia20/03/2014
Sydney Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia13/03/2014
Brisbane Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia20/02/2014
Avocados Australia is coming to Brisbane MarketsAvocados Australia11/02/2014
Avocado Industry Afternoon - Mildura VICAvocados Australia08/10/2013
Notice of the 10th Avocados Australia Annual General...Avocados Australia08/10/2013
Nutritional Values5th NZ & Aus Avocado Growers Conference09/09/2013
North Queensland Qualicado WorkshopAvocados Australia15/08/2013
Avocado Australia runs Field Day in Northern NSWAvocados Australia27/06/2013
Register now for Nutritional Values 20135th NZ & Aus Avocado Growers Conference16/05/2013
Avocados Australia Ltd Notice of the 9th Annual General...Avocados Australia26/11/2012
PMA Fresh Connections 2012PMA Fresh Connections26/06/2012
Foodservice Chef Training Classes in Growing Export...HAL30/05/2012
VII World Avocado CongressAvocados Australia21/09/2011
Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities Now Avail...Avocados Australia19/11/2010
Register now for the VII World Avocado CongressAvocados Australia16/11/2010