The industry has invested in marketing and promotion programs to build consumer demand for many years.

All commercial Australian avocado growers contribute funds towards marketing and promotion of Australian avocados through the national statutory levy.

The levy funds are invested in activities addressing the industry’s strategic priorities and are managed by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited (Hort Innovation).

Information about the avocado levy-funded marketing program can be accessed via the Hort Innovation website. You can also read our marketing updates blog as well:

Click here for the 2024 marketing blog


For further information about the program, contact Hort Innovation’s Relationship Manager via the Hort Innovation website.

The Best Practice Resource Library is designed to house summary reports of the current avocado marketing program.

Avocados Australia’s role in marketing and promotion

Avocados Australia is the Prescribed Industry Body that requested, on behalf of the industry, the Australian Government implement the marketing levy. This levy provides essential resources for the marketing and promotion of Australian avocados and has helped to build consumer demand over many years of production growth.

Avocados Australia plays a key role in supporting Hort Innovation with its delivery of the avocado levy-funded marketing and promotion program, ensuring it continues to meet the industry’s needs.

With its extensive networks across the industry and markets, Avocados Australia provides strategic insights to ensure the program is well integrated and aligned with industry.

This includes the provision of regular crop forecast information, providing strategic advice through advisory panels, developing and reviewing marketing strategies and reviewing program performance.

Through our comprehensive communication program, Avocados Australia seeks to ensure industry is regularly informed of avocado marketing and promotion activities and results.