Supply Chain Data

Avocados Australia collects, analyses and reports key supply chain data to support effective supply chain operation. High quality data and information plays a major role assisting the industry to deliver high quality avocados to market and to ensure the supply chains remain profitable for stakeholders.


Running since 2007, Infocado is a web-based system reporting avocado volumes dispatched and forecast to be supplied. Short-term data is reported on a weekly basis and seasonal data is reported every three months. This data assists the industry supply avocados more consistently throughout the year, which helps optimise fruit quality at retail level and deliver a more stable market. The data also assists with planning industry marketing activities throughout the year. Past reports can be accessed from the Best Practice Resource Library.

OrchardInfo Tree Census

This data is collected online each year to provide an update on the industry’s production capacity. Data collected includes the number of trees and area planted, year planted, variety and tree density. The aggregated data supports long term industry and individual business planning.

Retail Price Reporting

Retail price plays an important role in determining avocado supply chain efficiency. Price has a direct impact on how well fruit flows through the supply chain and consequently on fruit quality. Avocados Australia collates and reports avocado retail prices each week by accessing online avocado retail price information from available sources. The latest retail price report and historical data can be accessed here.

Retail Quality Monitoring

A new quality monitoring project is currently underway and updates on results are reported in Avocados Australia’s Guacamole enewsletter. The results are uploaded to the Best Practice Resource and also included in our enewsletter. To access the Best Practice Resource or subscribe to our enewsletter please email or call 07 3846 6566.

From 2008 to 2015 Avocados Australia monitored avocado quality monthly at a selection of retail stores across all store types in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Store assessments provided an indication of the proportion of fruit at retail point of purchase that met consumer’s quality expectations (as determined in 2006-2008 research). Detailed fruit assessments quantified the levels and types of defects. This analysis has demonstrated the retail quality improvement over time, although further improvement is still required. A summary of the historical data can be accessed here. 

Reports from the retail monitoring project (AV19003) that ran from 2019 to 2023 can be found here in the BPR.


Maturity Monitoring

Based on sensory research, the Avocados Australia-mandated standard for Hass avocado maturity is 23% Dry Matter (DM) at time of harvesting. The standard for Shepard is 21% DM. These levels represent the minimum levels to achieve satisfactory eating quality. From 2007 to 2015, Avocados Australia monitored fruit maturity by testing the dry matter of fruit from Sydney Markets each month. This data is no longer collected but a summary of the historical data can be accessed here. Avocados Australia is leading a new project that is undertaking maturity monitoring and the results are uploaded to the Best Practice Resource and also included in our enewsletter.