Export Development

Avocados Australia recognises export market development is a high priority for our growing industry. The rapid rate of increase in avocado production has created an imperative for the industry to access and develop new markets.

The majority of Australian avocados are currently exported to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (see graph below) and work is underway to access and develop new markets.

In 2018, Avocados Australia established the Avocado Export Readiness and Market Access project (AV17000), funded by Hort Innovation, using the avocado research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. The project ensures the avocado industry is prepared to export, maintains a robust industry capacity to pursue new and improved market access, and provide necessary support to the government in their negotiations. The project supports the pursuit of the industry’s market access and market maintenance goals in line with the Avocado Strategic Investment Plan 2022-2026.

Under the project, a dedicated Export Development Manager role was created to manage the day to day activities within the project. A project reference group (PRG) was established, involving key avocado exporters with an interest in the long-term development of avocado exports. The role of the PRG is to provide input to the maintenance and implementation of the Avocado Export Strategy detailing market access, improvement and development priorities.

Current Avocado Project Reference Group members are:

Australian Avocado Export Strategy 2022-2026

This strategy has been developed in consultation with the AV21000 Project Reference Group and included a review of the Avocado Industry Export Development Plan 2019-2021.  The plan is available for Australian avocado industry members via the Best Practice Resource Library, in the Export section.

Latest import & export reports

A large number of historical import/export reports are available with the Best Practice Resource Library.
The latest reports for 2022 are available from the Best Practice Resource (BPR) on the Export Reports page. Login to the BPR and then click here.


Australian avocado exports – annual volume by key market

A graph of the past 22 years of Australian avocado exports


Australian avocado export support