ANVAS: for nurseries seeking accreditation

Participation in ANVAS is voluntary and any nursery operator who can meet the ANVAS requirements may apply for accreditation under the scheme.

In order for an avocado production nursery to be eligible to apply to Avocados Australia for ANVAS accreditation, the production nursery must be:

  1. NIASA accredited (visit the Greenlife Industry Australia {formerly Nursery & Garden Industry Australia} for more information about NIASA – click here); and
  2. Implement the requirements specified within the NIASA Appendix 13 – Avocado Nursery Stock Specification; and
  3. Be found at audit to have implemented the procedures within the Appendix to a Satisfactory standard; and
  4. Demonstrate this through the provision of a NIASA Avocado Nursery Stock Specification accreditation certificate.

Some of the benefits to nurseries for ANVAS accreditation include:

  • Inclusion of your business in Talking Avocados magazine advertisement for ANVAS nurseries every quarter
  • Opportunity, exclusive to ANVAS nurseries, to advertise your business in Talking Avocados
  • Inclusion of your business in the ANVAS nurseries listing on the Avocado Directory on the Avocados Australia website
  • Opportunity, exclusive to ANVAS nurseries, to list your business on the Avocado Directory
  • Annual reports of known avocado plantings across all regions in Australia.


ANVAS documentation for nurseries

  • ANVAS Terms and Conditions – click here  (PDF)
  • ANVAS Accreditation Application Form –  click here (PDF)