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Julia Crane

Hi Simon,
This is only one plant and is not a true example of the range that I have. Some have far more growth all over and some have more advanced watershoots.

Why do you think this is unusual growth? We have had varying degrees of weevil damage on some trees and your standard bird damage (28 parrots), some wind damage on others from rubbing of branches against each other or against the stake or shade cloth, but nothing that is exactly the same on each tree and and watershoots to my knowledge show strong new growth?
Also are you saying to cut the watershoots off or the tops of the trees? Sorry I am just unclear as to how to read the comment above.

And what do the trees need to “grow out of”? Apologies if I am misunderstanding but just confused to the reply.

I am happy to supply email or mobile number as I think it may be easier to chat.
Thank you
Kind regards
Julia Crane