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Simon Newett

Hi Julia and others, I have managed to see more photos and to chat to Julia and others. Julia reports only about 2% of the trees are affected. There are two theories and a different recommendation:
1. Some of the graft wood used came from tips that had already flowered – this can lead to multiple shoots one of which is dominant then others develop later. 2. The branches have arisen a few cm above the graft near what appears to be a cincture or damage to the stem and these were on the side of the orchard where stems were attacked by garden weevil, this may have stimulated bud development in the damaged area which has led to new shoots developing.
If they are not in the way just leave them for now as they will contribute to the overall photosynthesis of the young tree and help get it established. They can be taken off later if they don’t conform with your canopy management plans. Many thanks to Chris Searle and Graeme Thomas for their insights.