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Avocados Australia industry partner Agrichem has been supporting the Australian avocado industry since 1986.

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Agri-fos 600 – An essential component for the control of phytophthora in avocados

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Innovation and Quality

The Agri-fos story

Agrichem is one of the world’s early pioneers in the development of safe and effective phosphite products. The Australian-owned company has been developing, refining and distributing its Agri-fos range of potassium phosphite fungicides for over 35 years, with the brand recognised and used by growers of all crop types across the world.This has culminated in the development of Agri-fos 600, which is seen as the leading product for phytophthora control in avocados by both growers and researchers in the Australian industry.


Industry update - May 2024


As a dedicated and passionate Agrichem agronomist, Sandeep specialises in crop nutrition, crop physiology, and soil chemistry.

His extensive experience in conducting research, running trials, and consulting with clients has allowed him to become a troubleshooter in the agriculture industry.

Assured Products

Widely regarded as the pioneer of liquid nutrition innovation in Australia, Agrichem has been a leader in the agricultural support industry for more than 35 years, and is proud of its reputation as the supplier of choice.


Agrichem’s unparalleled experience and technical expertise, garnered through decades of close collaboration with farmers, dealers and researchers, has resulted in product advice you can trust.

Results You Need

To make the most effective products available to farmers, no matter what their needs, Agrichem is focused on providing the most effective products for a wide-range of applications. This is evidenced by their 150+ range of products and their dedication to research and development.

Your Agrichem team

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Cirino Pasquale
Northern Regional Manager
0407 144 335

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Josh Cordoma
Southern Regional Manager
0418 374 241

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Tony Bennett
Area Manager – NW NSW and SE & W QLD
0412 706 926

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Ross Rankin
Area Manager – South East QLD
0418 248 046

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Gary O’Dowd
Area Manager – North QLD and Far North QLD
0427 308 853

Your Agrichem products


A powerful and effective buffered formulation for the control of Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases.

Product Information Sheet

Agri-fos NEW

AGRI K 415

A high analysis potassium fertiliser and an effective buffering solution for achieving optimal pH levels when using Agri-fos 600 foliar sprays, ensuring safety and ease of handling.

Product Information Sheet



Concentrated silica, calcium and potassium suspension to increase plant tolerance to salinity, enhance disease and pest resistance, and improve shelf life and quality of fruit.

Product Information Sheet



100% Organic Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

Concentrated kelp product with highly active plant hormones to promote root growth, pollination, fruit quality and stress mitigation.

Product Information Sheet



Readily available nitrate free calcium and boron solution.

Product Information Sheet



Concentrated zinc, boron and molybdenum suspension for maintenance or corrections of deficiencies.

Product Information Sheet



100% chelated EDTA formulation for the correction of zinc deficiencies & maintenance of growth in horticultural and broadacre crops.

Product Information Sheet