Australian Avocados Marketing Update 23/6/17

About the marketing program

See the latest marketing activity that’s helping Aussie consumers connect with (and eat!) Australian avocados. The industry’s marketing is provided by Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) and funded by the avocado marketing levy. Hort Innovation develops consumer-focused promotions using a variety of mediums including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube as well as targeted partnerships with consumer related publications and platforms.

Digital activity

Video campaign

The latest 13-week digital video campaign wrapped up on 10 June, 2017. As part of this activity,  the industry’s 30-second TV commercials were deployed across various websites, such as, as well as catch-up TV services including, to bring the Australian Avocados message to consumers watching their favourite programs online instead of on traditional television. During the total campaign, Australian Avocados reached more than 1.117 million people – a fantastic result. You can view a variety of Australian Avocados videos on the YouTube channel.

The digital activity also beat benchmarks for key performance metrics, including the number of people who viewed the 30-second spots in their entirety (just under 90 percent of viewers did this, with the benchmark at 70 percent).


Digital activity also included a partnership with Buzzfeed, which ran for two months and also finished in June. This activity was targeted to female grocery buyers aged 25 to 54, and involved two avocado-themed articles to educate and inspire:

Combined, these articles received a total of 90,874 views. Proving just how engaging the content was, more than 5,500 of these views were free, thanks to people being inspired to share the content on their own social media accounts.

In addition, there was an animated reel based on the ultimate how-to guide article that was shared on the Buzzfeed Australia Facebook Page.

This video was viewed by nearly 100,000 people, and resulted in 14,623 clicks through to the Australian Avocados website. In total, our partnership with Buzzfeed resulted in more than 168,000 views to Australian Avocado content.

This update was provided by Horticulture Innovation Australia for Guacamole 23 June 2017.

Author: Hort Innovation
Date Published: 23/06/2017