Retail Media Campaign Update

The avocado Hort Innovation marketing program invests in retail media to trigger purchase at the last point of the shopping journey. This is an important activity as consumer research conducted last year, highlighted that avocados are not on shopping lists – therefore we need to be active in reminding consumers to purchase. A comprehensive online media retail campaign with the two major retailers ran from March to June this year.

During the campaign period, 563,000 customers purchased avocados through one retailer’s online shopping channel.  Of those customers, 146, 380 (26%) were new customers to the avocado online category. In addition, weekly online sales were up 20 per cent versus the same time last year for this retailer.

With the other retailer, 99,500 new customers purchased avocados through the online shopping portal over the campaign period. 73% of customers who clicked on the tile advertisement added an avocado to their basket.

To manage investment into retailer marketing channels, Hort Innovation’s media agency approves each online activation before going live. At the end of a campaign period, Hort innovation receives detailed results from each retailer post campaign, to evaluate the activity and share updates to industry.

This article appears as part of Guacamole, the 29 September 2023 edition.

Author: Hayleigh Dawson
Date Published: 26/09/2023